Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pasta Aglio Olio with Langoustine

We went to Strasbourg a few weeks ago and I chanced upon some lovely Langoustine in a French supermarket. I couldn't resist the vision of churning up some garlic, rucola and seafood goodness in my kitchen, so this is my little super easy concoction for our Sunday lunch / brunch.


- Some Langoustine
- A lot of Garlic, chopped
- Olive oil
- Tomatoes, diced
- Fresh rucola leaves
- Dried chilli flakes
- Thin pasta, preferably Linguine or Spaghetti

1. Cook the pasta according to the packet's instructions

2. While the pasta is cooking, fry the garlic in some olive oil until fragrant

3. Add in the langoustine and toss it with the garlic for 2 mins

4. Add in the diced tomatoes. Toss.

5. Arrange pasta and the rest of the ingredients in a pasta bowl.

6. Garnish with rucola leaves and sprinkle some chilli flakes over pasta. Serve hot.

(I added in some smoked salmon since I had it as leftover. It gave the pasta a stronger seafood taste)


elaine said...

ooh looks yum! I looove shrimp :) Btw like your new blog header, refreshing outlook.

Pris said...

Thanks Elaine! :)
Yeah, I'm trying to experiment with different blog looks. I do wish that I'm more IT-savvy though!!! Your blog looks amazing! Did you do it yourself?

elaine said...

I've been using wordpress as my host, they have better looking themes and user friendly too. I got my theme from a graphic site for free, downloaded it, add or HTML/CSS code designs I want. I'm no code expert too, my geeky hubs did most of it ;)

Pris said...

Hey Elaine

Yeah I heard about wordpress too. I haven't actually changed my blog address since I started blogging, cos its so much of a hassle to inform people of my change in address! Which website did you use? I tried to customize a template too, but I don't have photoshop that's a bit tough. Speaking of "geeky hub", my hubby is pretty much as clueless about IT stuff as I am!

elaine said...

hmm, if you are keen to change to wordpress, transferring from blogspot to wordpress by clicking a button is easy. all backed up and converted. but yeah telling ur readers about it is another thing. I kept my old address after changing to, just in case.
I didn't use photoshop for my theme/template, I just downloaded ( it and worked around it.
If spare time permits, play around it before deciding :)

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