Thursday, December 01, 2011

My little adult baby

I have a feeling that Sammy isn't a big fan of toys.

Sure he's crazy about his Fisher Price rainforest mobile and he can sit on his rocker for a long time.

But he's happiest when people talk to him and interact with him.

Last Saturday, a couple friend of ours, Tina and Frank came to visit. They were so sweet. Tina dotes on Sammy and bought him yet another jacket! :)

They took quite a number of photos with Sammy and what really struck me is how my little boy looks so grown up in them!

He looked genuinely happy to be just sitting in a circle with us, enjoying our conversation! Oh boy, this little boy is such a gorgeous gem! I really enjoy seeing how his little brain is picking up and processing information! He's already blabbering lots and I don't think it will take long before he starts talking!
 Guess who's the father?
 See this is what I mean about my little adult baby
 Enjoying playtime with my young man
 With the lovely Tina
 I loveeee this pix! Sammy really looks like he enjoys chilling with us over chips and soft drinks

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