Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is coming

Oh man I can't believe that I haven't blogged in ages. Haven't had the time nor energy to do anything much the last 3 weeks.

Still can't believe that its already December and we're only weeks away from a brand-new year! Having a baby does blur the entire concept of time. When baby's awake, I sometimes feel time drags - cos there's just so much you can do with a little one, especially when one is stuck in the confines of home while the weather is raging cold outside. And when baby's asleep, my free time slides through my fingers so quickly and I find myself typing like crazy before I got to wake baby for his feed. 

On a separate note, I'm realizing is that I should begin to take photos with my regular Canon camera again. Since baby arrived, I've been snapping shots on my iPhone 4 but the photos taken simply can't make the cut as much as those from a regular camera.

Hence, these are some photos that I've taken to revive my old, forlorn friend. I'm certainly much MUCH happier with the results.

And....I can finally start using the "kids and pets" mode to capture those timeless expressions!
Our Advent's calendar which we have only used once so far!
 Meeting up with some friends for a steak lunch on a weekday. Love those weekday lunch offers!
 My little man was so warm indoors that I had to strip him of his pullover. 
Oh and this was the day I packed the diaper bag but forgot to put in the diaper(!!!)
 Love how he looked like he wanted to hold my hand in this pix
 Hanging out at a cafe with a fellow mom in my mothers-babies group
We could most certainly use the above photo to make personalized Christmas cards! This would be the first year since I moved to Germany in 2006 that I didn't make any hand-made cards! Having a baby does take up so much of your time! But at least we can make up for that by making computerized cards instead. :)

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