Monday, November 28, 2011

What having a baby teaches me about God

1. He is always watching over me

As a human I'm unable to always be by Sammy's side. However, I try my best to keep an eye on him to see if he's fine. Even when he's sleeping I would check on him to see if he's still breathing and if everything's A-ok.

I am then reminded that God said in His word, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" and "The Lord never slumbers nor sleeps". I'm so comforted by knowing that God never takes His eyes off me.

2. I don't need to worry

When Sammy was even younger, he would cry his lungs out if he was not fed immediately. Now that he's older, he's able to wait longer for food and he would even smile at me when I start to undress (prepare myself) to feed him.

I am constantly reminded that even if sometimes some things longer to come to pass, it doesn't mean that God is late. It just means that God's timing is always perfect and He will never leave me wanting. He will always provide for all my needs in every single way.

3. God is proud of me

Sammy doesn't ever have to "achieve" anything for hubby and I to be proud of him. We just hold him in our arms, smell him and stroke his soft skin and we know that we know, that we would never be prouder of anything else but our son.

Suddenly the verse of, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well-pleased" makes so much sense to me! God said those words to Jesus before Jesus started on His ministry. This shows that God's approval doesn't stem from what we do for Him, but who we are in Him. That we are His beloved children cos of Jesus' blood for us on the cross.

4. God creates masterpieces

I'm still so in awe at how a living human being could have grown in my belly for 9 months! It continues to astound me that Sammy has 10 fingers and 10 toes! That a year ago, this baby was not even in existence!

And I'm not necessarily a person who appreciates art, but oh boy, am I able to appreciate babies!!! Especially my own baby. Have I already mentioned how I can simply stare at this boy and continue to think how beautiful He is? How "fearfully and wonderfully" he has been made?

5. God trusts me

Many a times when I wonder if I will be able to care for this little one day in and day out, I have to remind myself that of all the women in the world, God chose me to care for this precious baby. That even if I may not have the answers to every situation I'm facing / am going to face, I need to rest in the fact that God already has the answers and He will provide me the keys and give me wisdom and courage in every circumstance.

God trusts me with this little life. I need to learn to trust myself and believe in myself too.

Yup yup, just some reflections that have been going through my head since I became a Mom. What has being a Mom / parent taught you about God?

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irene said...

Praise the Lord Pris, Thank you for beautifully and boldly sharing what God has taught you. I always pray for my 2 adult girls.. Once during my quiet time, i realise that God can do what he says he will do...Then, i realise i should not worry and i thought to myself how (when it happens) my girls pass their babies to me to babysit, and if they were always checking to see if i was able to look after their babies!

It was like...duh.... of course i would be able to look after them, of course i would watch them like the apple of my eye..I thought, Oh God, how little trust i have demonstrated when i am always checking and asking you to watch over them. Help me Lord to increase my faith in you, and to learn to trust you even more. May the Lord stir in your heart Pris to trust Him even more...To be at rest, because we are the apple of his eye...Rightly the posture of your heart is correct, God trusts you to give Samuel to you to look after when he is on planet earth, can you reciprocate and trust Him even more...All glory and honour to Him.


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