Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year we celebrated Christmas for the first time as a family of 3!

How has it been?

Surreal. Really.

Ok, its been nothing short of "WOW" to have a baby to bring along and who's always in the center of attention wherever we go. We love Sammy to bits and he adds such a special dimension to Christmas, cos we know that God has given him to us a gift. In the same way God gave Jesus to us as His gift for mankind. Immanuel - God is with us, may this truth sink deeper into my heart.

But it has also been soooo much work when I'm at the back and call of a little one. We usually play card games over Christmas and this year, the card games only worked when baby was asleep. Thank God Sammy sleeps pretty well anywhere so he slept on his Aunt Sabrina's bed while we played our games.

Dinner time was also tricky because hubby and I had to take turns to care for Sammy when he got cranky. But overall, he was a very good sport and we could enjoy our Christmas at our in-laws until the wee hours of the morning.

We also had our special guest, Bel, who came back for her 3rd Christmas us. :) This time she brought along her fellow Singaporean boyfriend, who shared this festive season with us for the first time.

Sammy lapped in all the attention and one can really tell how much of an extrovert he already is! Oh yeah he received sooo many presents too!

Our present for him was the Santa Claus costume which I got at the spur of the moment because it was simply soooo cute!
 At the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg
Together with Sabrina, my sister-in-law who flew in from Australia to spend Christmas with us and Belinda who flew in from London - Talk about being international!
 The Singaporean bunch!
 The Christmas market in Stuttgart
 Look at how many presents we had under the Christmas tree!!!!
 With lovely Bel
With my cute and sporting Santa baby
 3.5 Singaporeans and 1.5 Germans
All that lovely yummy food, lovingly prepared by my SIL and MIL


Summer Lace said...

Very nice Pris! The Christmas market at Stuttgart looks so pretty. And I like your Christmas tree too. Have a great year 2012 with your little baby. We look forward to seeing you in Feb .. can't wait!

Belinda said...

Short and sweet post! Thanks for having us again, we really enjoyed being with the Tews.

Love, Bel & Kian

Pris said...

Andrea - Thanks hun!!! :) I love the Christmas markets too, but too bad that its all over now! Yeah! I can't wait to meet up with you either!! Got to see your new place too! 3 more weeks!

Pris said...

Andrea - I'm coming down in January not February!!!! Arriving on 21st January!!!!

Pris said...

Belinda - Hey it was our pleasure! Love having you over. Anytime!!!! :) Hope you're enjoying London again!

Elaine said...

Hello, stumbled upon your blog, and have been a silent reader for couple months now :) Love reading your posts about how the Lord's been your constant guide in your expat and parenthood journeys!
You're indeed blessed with a gorgeous boy.

Happy new year!


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