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Dear Sammy - 4 months!

Oh geez, my young man is 4 months old already! And I'm getting behind with his letters! But then again, he's a boy, so I doubt that boys would necessarily be sentimental over their Mummies' letters? Hmm.....

Wow, what has happened since the last time I wrote?


Dear Sammy

You have turned 4 months old! And you're growing so fast!

The past few weeks have seen significant developmental milestones in you.

Firstly, you discovered that you have hands and feet! Ok, this sounds too basic to be something worth exclaiming over, but it was incredible!

Previously, you would move your limbs but never actually looked at them. One day however, you just started staring at your hands and moved them simultaneously. When you realized that you had motor control over what you were seeing, you had such a look of amazement and awe written all over your face! :)

Daddy was the first to witness that! He said that he had tears in his eyes when he saw you actively studying your moving arms and legs! It's like your little brain was making all this neural connections of your growing process!

Secondly, you're discovering you have a voice! You used to coo every now and then, but now you're almost singing!

Mummy tried to capture your lovely voice on video but you get distracted with the light from the iPhone whenever the video function is on, so Mummy hasn't been very successful in capturing those moments when you decide to practise your vocal chords!

Thirdly, you're learning how to grab things these days.

And boy, are you strong! Mummy has to pay attention to her hair whenever she carries you cos it would only take you a second to grab it with your iron fist!

Talking about hair, ohhhh..... Mummy's dropping hair these days! Apparently its due to the hormonal change that takes place around 3-4 months after a baby's birth. Mummy's thankful to have a lot of hair to begin with, but she can't wait for her hair to stop dropping, cos its getting pretty unsettling.

You don't seem to enjoy grabbing your toys though. Whenever Mummy tries to make you grab your toys on your bouncer, you would withdraw your hand like you were afraid of them. But when you think that nobody is watching, you would sometimes touch those toys with your fingers.

You seem to enjoy grabbing pole-like objects like the railing on your bed. That's quite cute to realize that you're developing your own preference for what you prefer holding.

Fourthly, you're really developing your own personality!

Previously your cries were easily separated into the normal, fussing cries to the escalating "I-wanna-be-carried-now" cries. The latter cries would take a long time to build up and usually happened when Mummy was busy in the kitchen or just unable to tend to you.

Now, you seem to have developed a 3rd type of cry which shouts "Oh man! Why isn't anybody attending to me cry", which can happen almost immediately. Its like there's this switch in your brain that gets turned on once you decide that you want to be picked up.

We try not to pick you up immediately whenever you cry, cos we want you to learn how to wait and to be patient. So whenever we do that, you tend to emit your 3rd type of cry, during which Daddy and I would look at each other and say, "Oh boy, that's new!"

Having said that, you are breaking out into such easy smiles these days!

Gone are the days when you would breastfeed with no distraction whatsoever. Now, you can even just take a sip from the boob, release it, look at Mummy in the eye and give me the widest grin ever before continuing on your feed.

I must say that I LOVE those smiles! Cos you seem to tell me, "Hey Mum, I love you! And I love you enough to stop drinking my milk just to tell you that I love you". 

Ok, maybe I'm just reading in between the lines, but honestly why else would you give me those smiles by stopping your feed? :) So yeah! Continue giving me those smiles baby!

Alrighty, when I'm in a rush to get you to finish your feed, I do get a bit impatient with those smiles, but in general I absolutely adore them!

You're a true-blue extrovert! Over Christmas when we have visitors over, Aunt Bel and Uncle Kian as well as Aunt Sabrina, you simply enjoyed being with all the adults!

On the evening when we were spending time with Aunt Sabrina before she flew back to Australia the next day, you actually stayed up (wayyy past your bedtime) just so that you could spend time with Aunt Sabrina before she left!

You're such a true sport! You seem to realize when the days are special (like over Christmas) and when we were at your grandparents' place. You can sense the excitement in the air and just enjoy going out / hanging out with Daddy and Mummy.

Sleepwise, you're still doing great! Over the holidays, Mummy allowed you to sleep on her bed cos it was just oh-so-cosy when the whole family is on the same bed together.

Mummy thought you would continue to be the lovely baby who sleeps 8-hr stretches. But.....

You seem to have realized that you're on our bed and you woke up in the middle of the night! Or maybe you were just loud enough / moving around enough in the bed to wake Mummy up.

But its all fine, cos we still really enjoyed having you with us.

Oh and we are finally going to bring you with us to Singapore come January 2012!!! It will be your first Chinese New Year and you will get to meet your family and friends in Singapore! Mummy is so excited because so many people are so eager to meet you and get to know you personally. We try not to think about the 7-hr jet lag from the flight yet, but I'm almost 100% confident that you will adjust to the new time much faster than your Daddy and Mummy!

We love you sweetie and look forward to more memorable days with you in this new year 2012! May you continue to grow strong in the Lord!

Mummy & Daddy


And now that I've run out of things to say, I shall bombard my readers with an overdose of Sammy pictures!
 You're getting so heavy that Mummy has to find new ways to carry you!
 You little man who always want to be where the action is
How can one resist that cutsie face of his?
 Yeah, your Daddy is truly your hero!
 You in your Santa costume being held by Aunt Bel and Uncle Kian
 That's your typical look whenever Mummy has to wrap you up for the cold weather outside
That's you hogging the table whenever Daddy and Mummy want to eat

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