Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Sammy - Week 11

Dear Sammy

You turn 11 weeks 2 days old today. You're almost 3 months old!

The past 2 weeks have seen so much progress in you!

The best part is that you started sleeping through the night! Mummy has no idea how it happened, but you first started sleeping a 6-hr stretch from 8.30pm to 2.30am. This progressed to an 8-hr stretch from 9pm to 5am.

Mummy then tried to feed you at about 11pm before she went to bed. After a couple of attempts, you finally got it and started sleeping your 8-hr stretch from the last feed to 7 /8 am.

WOW! We're so proud of you!

Now Mummy has to re-learn how to sleep through the night. Mummy's biological clock seems to be stuck at waking at 3-4 hr intervals, since that's the time interval you used to wake up at. And she would either get so hungry / need to go to the bathroom / just wake up out of the blue due to bad dreams. :( Mummy's still praying and trusting God to help me to get back to my regular sleep in the night. :)

Oh your smiles are so precious. Mornings are not my favourite time of the day but just to see your beautiful smiles and cheery looks help me to wake up!

We are still trying to figure out a regular routine for you. It hasn't been that easy since Mummy has to figure out what courses I would want to sign up with you.

However we have started going for a weekly mothers-babies club. The ladies from my birth preparation course all have their own bubs and its been pretty fun hanging out with like-minded women who can't stop talking about their young ones.

You, my darling are pretty big for your age. You simply look huge compared to the other babies in the group. I'm so proud of the fact that you're easy to bring out. You're so contented just watching other people and I'm able to just put you down on a cushion while you observe everything and everybody.

You seem to going through a phase when you find it difficult to settle down to sleep. Mummy hopes that its not because you're overly-tired, since you're not much of a regular napper. You do nap my dear. But just not according to any routine really. Hence, mummy isn't able to do things around the house according to your naptimes, since you very often nap when you're in your stroller.

We made your German passport today and will probably get it before Christmas. What a lovely 1st Christmas pressie it would make!

You're a very happy baby in general and we're so blessed to have you. It's still hard work looking after a living, breathing human being with your emotions and developing personality but Mummy's just so thankful to have this opportunity to be the one who pushes you in your stroller, stroke you on your cheeks and kiss and squeeze your lovely arms and legs!!!

You're growing so fast little one. We love you to bits and pray that you'll also know the Lord at a young age!

Yup, I think that's basically all the updates for now. And here's an overdose of photos of you who's growing up sooo quickly!

Mummy & Daddy
Chilling out at a shopping mall with Daddy
Left: You can tell how Mummy passes her time eh? Being on the computer and taking endless photos of you.
Right:With your friend who's 5 days older than you. You seemed to be saying, "One more shot please!"
 Our very cozy gathering at a lady's place. Lots of babies, lovely chatter and food. What more can one ask for?
That one evening when you were in such good moods you were so ready to smile for the camera!
Another great thing of a playgroup: You get to try out different toys!
Some of Mummy's favourite shots of the two of us!
You don't look so pleased here, but trust me you love Mummy kissing you!
See, this is what I mean about you being a smiley baby!

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