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Dear Sammy - Week 9 (2 months)

Dear Sammy

Can it be that you are already 2 months old? Wow!!! You're no longer the little tiny baby we brought back from the hospital. When I look at all your photos now, I feel time slipping through my fingers and my little baby is going to be a big boy even before I realize it!

Your nickname is "Sammy Bammy". Daddy gave you this name because the "Bammy" part rhymes with "Sammy". When you are hungry, we ask you if you are "hungry bungry". Hah. 

Mummy loves spending time with you. Your coos and smiles make everything so worth it! You are becoming more awake these days, which is very nice. But the flip side of it is that today you woke up at 6+am wanting to play. I've not seen you so cheery and sunshiney as much as I saw this morning! Mummy hopes that this is just a phase and you'd realize that 6am is still too early for playtime sweetie.

You love your grandparents. Granddad brings you out for a walk in your stroll once a week and Grandma comes by one afternoon to spend time with you. You recognize their faces and greet them with your signature coos and smiles.

The last 3 weeks saw Mummy doing some things without you. I managed to cut my hair as well as go swimming / sauna on my own! Daddy and Mummy enjoy our private swim time while your Oma and Opa have their private time with you. You are such a champ and most of the time you are able to go without a feed for about 4 hours when Mummy's not around.

Sleepwise you're still morphing. Sometimes you have a 6-hr stretch and sometimes shorter. We're still trying out different methods to help you to sleep longer. But we're so proud of you of being able to soothe yourself to sleep such that we can just leave you awake in your cot and you fall asleep on your own.

Once Mummy was unable to fall asleep after feeding you so she went to check on you. You were still not asleep despite being in bed for one whole hour. And guess what? You didn't even cry! You were just playing / soothing by yourself. We're soooo proud of you! And somewhat sad too when you are tired but are unable to nap / sleep.

We're sure that this is a passing phase and you'll sleep quickly soon enough. One sure way to help you to sleep is in your stroller / putting you in a car. You are such a trooper. Mummy and Daddy brought you to Strasbourg, France for one day and you were amazing!

You slept the entire 1.5hr journey there and another 1.5hr journey back. During the whole day you barely even fussed, except for once when we took you out of the stroller all wrapped up in your blanket of course.

Ohhh and have I mentioned how you enjoy sleeping next to me? During the night you sleep on your own. But come morning, Mummy allows you to sleep next to her on her bed. You do take up more than 50% of my bed though and Mummy ends up being squashed up at the side. But all this is worth it when you just feed and fall asleep, while Mummy is treated to endless sleeply looks from you.

I really treasure those mornings, especially cos it feels like you sharing my slumberland with me. And you always know whenever Mummy is not there cos it doesn't matter how long you have slept, once I get out of bed you tend to wake up soon after.

Sometimes when you wake up, we just play face games in which I put my face right next to yours and we look intently at each others' faces. You love it! Your smiles are such a joy!!! They are even able to brighten up the increasingly dark mornings nowadays.

I think I've written a long enough essay. We love you so much sweet little one. We do pray that you'll be able to nap more easily and sleep longer at night. God's many blessings and protection on you. 
Mummy & Daddy
Happy 2 months old darling!
You were actually crying here but your skillful Mummy managed to snap the pix at the right second such that it looked like you were smiling!
 The first time I brought you out to town by myself!
 Enjoying the sights with Daddy in Strasbourg, France
 Being my little munchkin at a French cafe
That's a typical "Bammy" look!
Our little Pirate of the Carri-Baby!

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