Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 38 - Getting ready for baby

Last weekend was incredible!

We got our baby stroller and baby furniture! This is such a blessing because the expected delivery date was at least 2 weeks later. :)

The timing was simply perfect. Hubby took last Wednesday off to clear the study room of its furniture and reshuffle things that we didn't need. And on Saturday he got a call that he could collect the furniture and baby stroller.

Speaking of Saturday, I had the MOST-amazing surprise babyshower ever! It was such a dream come true. I would have bawled my eyes out if I hadn't been so shocked! - Will blog about this when I get the pictures! 

Hubby then spent Sunday, together with the help of Yvonne and Joni (vielen Dank ihr lieben!!!) to set everything up in our newly-emptied baby's room. We also washed baby's clothes, bedsheets and I have started packing my hospital bag. This is suddenly becoming so real to me!

On the pregnancy front, I feel my body is getting ready for birth. I've been getting pretty frequent tummy discomfort that feels like the "I need to run to the ladies NOW!" pain. Most of the time its just a false alarm and the discomfort is due to digestion problems. However, my stomach muscles tighten so much that sometimes I wonder if I'm going into pre-labour!

And last week I got a bit of period-like cramps, which has since stopped. Braxton Hick contractions are a daily affair these days, but they are not as frequent as they used to be a couple of weeks back.

If I could choose, I would like for baby to make his appearance after Saturday (so we can attend a close couple friend's wedding) but before week 40. And definitely not after week 40 cos I don't like the anticipation of "Ok, baby you're late now, when are you finally making your appearance?" But then again, that would just prove that he's half-Singaporean! hahahah.

My last gynae appointment on Tuesday showed that everything's A-ok! Baby's head is fully-engaged and right at my pelvic region. My weight gain seems to have tapered at 12.2kg and I doubt that I will gain any more weight, since I only gained 0.3kg in the last 2 weeks. :)

Only drawback is that gynae wants me to take iron pills to prepare my body for birth. I'm hoping that I don't develop constipation from the iron pills because I really hate that. I guess that's all part and parcel of being pregnant. You need iron - at the expense of constipation. You eat more fiber against the constipation, but develop flatulence because salads / broccoli etc. all cause gas. And the more gas you have, the more you have the "I got to go" feeling. Mommies-to-be simply can't win. But as long as baby is doing fine and great, I guess that's all that matters right? Besides, I've only got 2 more weeks of this....hopefully even less!

Here's some photos of the baby nursery furniture that we got.
  Left: The baby cot, which can be adjusted lower when baby grows bigger
Right: The diaper changing table with a set of drawers to store all of baby's clothes and miscellaneous stuff
We got the mattress and the lining of "Little big boss" too (ain't that cute?) It was a love-at-first-sight affair. Hubby and I were looking around Princess - a huge departmental store for baby stuff and when we set our eyes on this baby furniture, we knew in our hearts that this was it! Price was reasonable since there was a group discount for the entire set.
We also got the matching cupboards

They are really huge! Right now, we use the cupboards to store our stuff. We wanted something practical which could be used by older children too. So this set was simply perfect. Also, the green is neutral and cheery enough such that it would be suitable for a girl (hopefully) in the future as well. The brand is Paidi - which is a very renowned German brand. Another plus point? They have matching beds for baby once he outgrows the cot! How cool is that?


Sarah said...

The room looks fantastic! Oooo am excited alongside u both! Btw, what could help counter possible constipation from the iron pills are fish oil capsules. They're good for the baby too :)

Anonymous said...

Send SMS once you are in labour and on the way to delivery... eagerly waiting to pray joyousfully for the grandkid... hee..hee..cheers!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I'm excited for you! It was surreal for me too, washing the baby sheets and putting them out to dry. I actually stood and stared at them for some time. :)

Pris said...

Thanks Sarah for your tip!!! :)

I'm taking Fybogel and its really helping!!! Plus the gas issue seems to be settling down, so thank God! We're excited to welcome our little one too! :)

Pris said...

Hey Dad

Sure thing. Will let you know once labour starts. First grandchild hor, you'll be such a young granddad!

Pris said...

Whimsicaljottings - Oh wow, you're fast with washing the clothes!!!! Yeah, it feels so surreal cos its like this little baby (fetus) needs all the stuff that a real human needs!

Anonymous said...

Looks great - now everything is ready! Wow...I am so excited for you!

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Hey Geli, yah I'm getting excited too. :-) Can't believe I'm down to counting the days!!!!

Pris said...

Hi Pris, I'm Pris too. I was joining 'cook a pot of curry' event which led to Audrey's blog which led to yours. I like the name of your blog and so I started reading some posts. Have you delievered? Congrats on the arrival or soon arrival of your little one. :) I thought that perhaps we can become friends as we share quite some similiarities. For eg; I am also a Singaporean married to a German man. Add me on FB? take care!

Anonymous said...

Looks like your back is not hurting any more right????

Pris said...

Hey Pris!

I've added you on my FB! So funny that we have the same name! Nice of you to pop by my blog! How long have you been living in Germany?

I haven't delivered yet. No signs of labour yet, so still waiting but trying to get as much rest as I can these days...too warm!

Pris said...

Hey Dad!

My backpain is a constant pain leh. I think as long as baby's inside, it will hurt, cos of all the weight on the lower back. Hubby's massaging me every night to help alleviate the pain. :)


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