Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer BBQ

We haven't had much of a summer this year. It's been a relatively cool summer with lots of rain and milder temperatures.

So on days when we actually get warm temperatures, many people would take their barbecue pits out and the smell of grilled meat would permeate the air.

Geli and Hansi invited us over to their garden on one of these BBQ occasions. They purchased a garden patch 5 mins from their home and its really cool and old-school.

It's quite a German thing for people to buy garden patches where they can nurture their gardening skills. One can plant flowers / grow herbs or just hang out and enjoy the flora and fauna. Hubby and I don't have green fingers so while we're contented to enjoy other peoples' gardens, we're happy that we don't have to get our hands dirty with gardening.

Geli is the first close friend I got to know in Germany. Until now, she's my longest-staying friend (ie. she hasn't relocated to another country since we met). I really cherish her friendship as we are able to share our hearts and go through various seasons with each other. Her English is also perfect so I don't have to converse in German - Not that I can't, but it's just nice to speak my native language once in a while. :)
Left: An old-school BBQ pit made of stone. 
Right: A hammock that they made and placed in the middle of their garden

 They prepared all the food and all we had to do was to appear and eat!!! Thanks so much for all the effort! :)
 Didn't manage to get a proper shot of both of them, but here's the lovely couple!


Anonymous said...

So nice, and a hillarious picture of Hansi :-)) Thanks for the nice words, we enjoyed having you guys over so much!!

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Hey Geli! :)

Yeah that's a funny pix of Hansi! We really enjoyed being pampered by you guys!!!! Take care!



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