Monday, August 22, 2011

My A.W.E.S.O.M.E. babyshower!

Yay! Finally my photos have arrived and I can share with you the sheer joy and surprise I had last Saturday at my babyshower.

Well the long and short story of it all is that I always wanted to have a babyshower.

Ok, I know its neither an Asian nor a Singaporean tradition, but I always felt the idea of celebrating the imminent birth of one's baby with close girlfriends really meaningful. It's sorta like what a hen's night is for a wedding.

Of course there will be girls-night-out when baby's born too, but this is something special. A babyshower is a time when women can be clucky, go ga-ga at baby clothes and talk about pregnancy stuff. To be honest, I don't really know what a babyshower entails, since my only exposure to it is through movies.

Thing is, having a babyshower isn't a tradition in Germany either. It's an American thing. And one doesn't organise it by herself. Usually its one or a few of the pregnant lady's girlfriends who organise the entire event.

I wouldn't have minded organising my own babyshower but I honestly don't have the energy for that. And I wasn't going to target a kind soul to organise one for me. So it was one of those things that fell under the "Oh, it would have awesome, but it really isn't necessary" category.

But God knew my heart. And I know He did. Because when Yvonne, the sweetest angel ever, asked hubby if she should organise a babyshower for me, hubby told her that I mentioned 3 days earlier that it would be such a dream come true if I had a babyshower.

So, Yvonne went ahead to organise the entire babyshower! Being German herself, she had no idea what to do, but researched online and everything just fell into place!!!

In order to make it a "surprise", even my mother-in-law was brought into play! She arranged to hang out with me at Ikea on Saturday afternoon so that they could get me out of the house while they decorated the place. I'm just amazed at how hubby could keep something like that a secret from me, without me ever raising an eyebrow of suspicion! Either I'm too trusting or hubby is too good at keeping suspense to himself!

It was soo touching for me, because I felt that I had girlfriends in Germany and they all made the effort to make this event so significant for me! Not only did they bring food but they also brought me (or rather baby) amazing presents! We got winter clothes (since I already have an abundance of summer ones), toys, a baby chair and all sorts of baby necessities! Oh yeah and a diaper cake too!

This is truly a "Commit your ways to the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart" testimony! It's with this confidence that I know that God will be right there beside me through the birth process. Amen!
My entire living room was transformed into a blue baby palace!
 Food galore! The ladies prepared something to contribute to the dinner and buffet table. We even had alcohol-free Champagne!!!
 Dessert table with personalized "It's a boy" decorations. Tiramisu was made without raw eggs.
 Table decorations - Do you see the mini milk bottles? How sweet is that?
 My beautifully-decorated living room. I loved the decorations so much, they are still hanging there! 
 Lovely view of my garden from dining room. The red roses were given to me!
Pacifiers decoration!
Waiting in anticipation to surprise me
You can clearly see the shock written all over my face!
 All the lovely ladies dressed in the blue colour scheme - I wore something blue coincidentally!
 Presents galore for the little one! 
Love my diaper cake!!!!
Some of the lovely pressies I got! Winter onesies and a baby chair (on the right)
 All the lovely ladies watching me unwrap my presents. Felt like Christmas in summer!
Games we played: Guess what the circumference of Pris' baby belly is + Let's see how well Pris can dress a baby blindfolded! 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, finally pictures! Your baby shower was so much fun!! Yvonne is such a great friend to bless you with organizing all this :-)

Love, Geli

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

What an awesome surprise! You are well-loved, Pris! :)

Pris said...

Hey Geli!

I posted some more pix on my FB can hijack your hubby's FB account to access them.:) Yeah, really thankful for Yvonne's effort! Believe God orchestrated the whole thing too! So glad you could be there! :)


Pris said...

Corsage - Thanks! You phrased it very well! I felt really loved by the gestures of everybody to make the babyshower so meaningful and awesome!

letti said...

Aw, that was awesome! And you look absolutely radiant :)

Sarah said...

Awwww... It looked like such a lovely and blessed time! Very happy for you :):):)

Lil Ms Meanie said...

I love how your friends color coordinated the party. Real pretty! And I reckon we have this too in Aussieland.
Wishing you a smooth delivery. take care :)

Pris said...

Letti - HI! Nice to hear from you again! :) Thanks! Yeah, the party was a blast! Enjoyed every bit of it!

Pris said...

Sarah - It was a really blessed time! Felt sooo loved! Hope you're enjoying Singapore!

Pris said...

Lil Ms Meanie - Oh yeah, you should have babyshowers in Australia too! Yeah the blue colour coordination was cool eh??? :)


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