Tuesday, August 23, 2011

39 weeks preggy - 5 more days to go!

Yup yup, I'm still here!

The massive heat and constant sweating is doing nothing to induce labour. Today we had (take a deep breath) 37 degrees celsius!  I'm almost suffocating at home, since I don't open the windows. Thing is, there's hardly any breeze and if one opens the window(s), it would just increase the indoor temperature.

I really should go cool myself down in some air-conditioned place like a shopping mall, but I'm just too lazy to get out of the house. Told myself that once we get our own place, we would install air-conditioning in the bedrooms at least. 

We went for a lovely wedding of one of our youths last Saturday. It was sooo beautiful! And I'm so thankful that our little one stayed put in my belly so that I could attend this event. It was a bit difficult figuring what to wear now that I'm fully-blown. But I did manage to fit into one of my black dresses, which surprisingly enough was worn for the very first time!
So how does it feel to be 39 weeks preggy?

To be honest, very nostalgic! I keep wondering what it'd be like not to have a big belly anymore. No more backaches, no more having to sleep on my sides and no more feeling baby jut me in my ribs. I'm missing it already even as I'm typing this! Oh yeah, no more constant peeing in the night! Nor having to feel like I'm rolling a bowling ball whenever I switch sides when I sleep.

But on the other hand, the anticipation of holding our little one in our arms, looking into his face and studying his features is gripping me more by the day. We're pretty much ready in terms of baby preparation.

My to-do list for this week includes cooking confinement food and freezing it up - which I unfortunately haven't started doing yet.

How do I feel about labour?

I think the anticipation of when I'll go into labour is more "exciting" than the actual labour itself. I guess once the wheel starts turning, there's no stopping it. So there's no point in worrying about labour. And millions of women have gone through childbirth, so I'll just be one of them.

I'm excited to experience the miracle of life. Someone said that a newborn baby is like watching God caught in the act - I couldn't agree with this more!

It's also a bit difficult trying to figure out how to spend your last few days "baby-free". Everybody's telling me to rest more and enjoy my last few days of free time. I know that having a baby is going to change our lives in ways we can't imagine. But I also know that I don't want a baby to rule / control my life. I don't want my centre of gravity to be all-things-baby. I still want my centre to be God. And to be an individual. As Pris. As wife. As mother. As friend.

As I embark on a new season, I pray that God will grant me grace and strength to be a great Mom to our little one and to ride through the waves of adjustment with confidence, knowing that He is with me. And in time, we as a family of three would be able to find our own rhythm and baby would be integrated into our family lifestyle. May we truly experience the meaning of having a child as a gift from God.


Sarah said...

I know you and Stephan will do great :) praying that you both will sense God's presence and hand in such a real and tangible way at every step of this life-changing journey. Excited for you both!

MamaJ said...

Hi there! Found your blog via Corsage's... and I must say I'm rather excited since we are currently getting ready to move over to Germany for a year from March next year! Which area are you staying, if you don't mind me asking?

Its great to see how positively you are viewing everything and trusting in God for the arrival of your baby. Its true what you mentioned about labour... my aunt told me matter-of-factly previously when I was expecting my first that you just start, then eventually the baby comes out! :p Take care and have a safe delivery, and rest up now as it'll be really tiring once baby arrives!

Pris said...

Hey Sarah - Thanks for your lovely words of reassurance! :) Thanks for your prayers too! We really appreciate it! I'm hoping that baby would stay until his EDD, cos the weather is too warm otherwise!

Pris said...

Hey MamaJ!

Hello! :) So nice to hear from you! I popped by your blog too! I live in Stuttgart, south Germany. Which part of Germany are you moving to? You must be excited to be spending 1 year in Europe!

I like how your Aunt phrased labour!!! Very matter of fact and no fear. :) Thanks! I'm trying to rest as much as one can in this blistering heatwave right now.

Anonymous said...

You will be such a great and relaxed mom, I am sure! The way you handled your pregnancy already showed....Well done! Cannot wait to see the first picture of the little one!

Love, Geli

letti said...

aw, i know what you mean about missing being pregnant already. I have to think, wow, has it already been almost 2 and a half years since I was pregnant? :) I did feel a twinge, missing how the little one would move around in my tummy too :)But you'll be having so many adventures soon too :) Get plenty of rest, momma :)

p/s your maternity fashion is awesome!

MamaJ said...

Hi Pris! :) Yes, we're excited, but rather apprehensive... anyway, I've dropped you an email! ;) take care!

Pris said...

Letti - Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm sure having baby outside me would be just as exhilarating (if not more) than having him inside me.

Hah, I got Singapore to thank for my maternity fashion! Maternity wear in Germany is incredibly expensive!

Pris said...

MamaJ - Hey! Thanks for your Email! I shall endeavour to reply it ASAP! :)


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