Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bump Progression

I figured I should do this post before I pop.

Before I got preggy, I always enjoyed seeing photos of other pregnant women and their bump progression. Its mind-bogging to know that the uterus can expand up to 1,000 times its original size!!!! 
First Trimester - Oh man, I had a waist back then!
Second trimester - Getting rounder!
Third Trimester - I like the 30+ weeks because they seem to fly by so quickly!
The home stretch - I think baby had a growth spurt eh?
Week 39

Hmm... feels a bit like a maternity fashion show too, don't you think? Considering that at the beginning of my pregnancy I really worried about not having anything to wear, my new wardrobe looks good enough to worn again in the future! **wink**  Hopefully I can still take another photo at week 40, if baby doesn't make an appearance by then

I'm really thankful to God for bringing me so far in my pregnancy. Sure there's been hiccups and I'm not having the most comfortable of all home-stretch pregnancies right now, but there's so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful to even be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant. And there's been no major complications in this pregnancy, such that I've had to be hospitalized or anything. Managed to travel on long-haul flights and go on holiday with my baby belly as well as continue my regular life. For that, I'm truly grateful to God for being with me every step of the way.


Anonymous said...

Oooh that's a nice post! I was thinking of doing the same thing before I pop - belly size progress. I have been an absolute grouch lately as it has been CRAZY hot here. It was 42 degrees the other day :/ Been eating lots of watermelon to keep cool. And oh, such nice friends of yours to throw you a baby shower! Since it's any day from now on, wishing you all the best again!

Anonymous said...

I still love the term "before I pop"....wahaha.....great pictures!

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Whimsicaljottings - Oh yes, please do that! I think its one of the coolest things, to see how much your belly actually expands. Yeah, the weather is torturous!!! 42 degrees??? That's crazy! I'm sure you have air-con at home right??? Thanks for your well wishes! Will drop a msg once he appears!

Pris said...

Hey Geli

hahah, you're funny. Didn't think much of that phrase until you mentioned it. :) I sound like a balloon eh?


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