Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awesome wedding!

One of the young adults in our cell group got married a week ago.

This was a couple with whom we did the Marriage Preparation Course over a period of 2 years. In our church, its compulsory for one to complete this course before one gets married.  It's sorta like a going for driving lessons before one gets a driver's license.

Well, we had really open and honest couple-to-couple sessions with them. Talked about issues varying from finances, to children, to life goals and basically anything associated with being married. Therefore it was such a blessing for hubby and I to be able to witness their holy matrimony after their time of courtship and wedding preparation.

Funny how in the past 5 years of leading our German youth cell, we've witnessed the marriage of 3 couples (!!!) in a group of about 10-15 people! How cool is that? I was talking to my mentor the other day and she said, "Wait until they get married and have kids!". And I was thinking, "Oh, she's referring to me!" - Since she mentored me and my girlfriends when we were in the youth ministry in Singapore. So amazing to see how we've been blessed so that we can bless others in return. :)

Enjoy the lovely photos! 
Church solemnization. The bride in her wedding dress was mesmerizing!
 A special item by the band for the bridal couple
The typical dress-up photoshoot for the guests
The amazing spread of finger food for the church reception
Couple shots with Christa and Michael, who are new parents too. Their little one is about 5 months old now. So cool that our babies can be playmates soon!
 Our young adults' cell group
 Us with the lovely bridal couple! It was a true-blue summer day and we were all sweltering in the heat. But hey, photos look superb!
 Next to the bridal car. Like this shot cos it "shows off" my huge belly!
 Together with Yvonne and Ari. I do look ultra round compared to both of them!
Together with my honey bunny. We're so thankful that our little baby continued baking in the belly so that we could witness this wedding! 
 You can tell the colour theme of the wedding was purple - same colour as ours 5.5 years ago!
Ok, each balloon was attached to a postcard, which read something like, "Dear Sir / Madam. If you find this card, please send it back to this address". Each of us then had to write something nice we would do for the bridal couple.
 The amazing table decorations which were all D.I.Y!
 Present table. We gave a really beautiful pop-up wedding card plus a red packet! - Gotta add some Singaporean spice to a German wedding right?
 The back of the bridal dress. I love the details and how intricate the workmanship is!
Yay, finally a solo shot with the lovely bride!
 Our personalized name tags. Another thing that never fails to impress me!
 The bride dancing the night away. She and her hubby did such a superb rock-and-roll first wedding dance, which I unfortunately didn't manage to capture on video!


Summer Lace said...

I like your white hat pris :)

Pris said...

Thanks Andrea!

So sweet of you to leave comments on my blog! :)

Beau Lotus said...

Goodness, baby should be popping out soon, no?

Pris said...

Hey Serene, yah today's EDD, but no sign of labour yet and baby's still happily kicking inside me. Hmmm dunno how much longer this waiting game will take. Heading to the gynae today.


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