Friday, August 05, 2011

Babymoon in Krabi - Food and Pampering

A picture speaks a thousand words. So I will just let these photos do the talking!

Reason why we love Krabi and keep going back there?

Cheap, good food and ridiculously-cheap Thai massages!

Plus lots of rest and sleep - Actually that's all we need for a couple's holiday!

We dined mostly along Aonang beach. There are lots of restaurants, which have similar standards of food and service. Don't expect 5-star service or food, but good-enough authentic Thai / seafood fare at reasonable prices.

One could of course go to the more upclass restaurants on top of a cliff where one gets a bird's eye view of the beach and watch the sunset accompanied by live music etc. But we usually save things like that for places like Bali rather than Thailand.

Krabi's nicer than Phuket in that the store owners do not pester you to buy their wares. You pretty much have your own space to shop in peace.

We didn't go snorkelling this time round because I'm preggy, but one can easily snorkel at many islands around Krabi. We did however, try kayaking for a total of 3 minutes before capsizing! We had lifejackets and were pretty much still at the shore, but oh boy, it was like a scene straight out of those "bimbo" beach movies. It wasn't our fault though, as the waves were pretty strong! Thank God that my camera survived the ordeal! It was in a bag that floated to the surface. The only "victim" was one side of my favourite pair of flip-flops that sank into its watery grave.
Typical Thai fare - Tom Yum Soup with seafood. I'm so proud that my hubby is able to relish the taste of spicy food after 5.5 years of marriage! During our honeymoon here I remembered eating all the spicy food alone!
Superb Chinese stir-fried mixed vegetables
Photo is a bit blur, but that's Thai chicken cooked with sweet basil
Our first dinner at Krabi - To give you an idea of the prices, we paid about S$30 (18€) for a 3-course meal including freshly-squeezed lime juice
We had complimentary buffet breakfast everyday. That was my only impetus to get up early! We would have breakfast and go back and sleep!
See what I mentioned about sleeping?
Last trip before we're three
There's something about being out at sea that makes one feel at total peace. God is truly amazing in His creation!
Skies getting darker
Evening sunset glory
Having a seafood dinner under a wooden shack
Hubby all relaxed and looking forward to food!
Barbecued fresh tiger prawns served with Thai chilli sauce
Thai tiger prawns cooked in garlic sauce
Pineapple rice and our favourite fresh lime juice again
Deep-fried fresh garoupa with some sweet sauce. Tasted awesome!
Another dinner:  A mixed starter platter - Awesome with pandan leaves-wrapped chicken, spring rolls and prawn paste sesame bread.
Thai pineapple rice served in a fresh pineapple
We had massages everyday! Although I must say I enjoyed the foot reflexology massages more than the full-body oil massages because the mattresses were not very suitable for pregnant women. Its about 300 Baht / hour (7€ / hr).
After our last massage before heading back to Singapore
We met the sweetest couple from Australia, with whom we went for drinks together. I think its the influence of my ex-pastor, but I really like Australians! They seem so laid-back and easygoing. But talking to them, apparently working in Australia ain't a bed of roses either. Their working hours can be comparable to Asian standards! 
 Last shot before we left.... we'll most probably bring baby to Thailand / Bali the next time round!


sofiemo said...

Hi. Which hotel did you stay at, and was that where you had breakfast buffet?

Pris said...

Sofiemo - Hi! We stayed at Centara Grand resort, I blogged about the hotel here:

And yes! That was superb breakfast buffet that we had everyday! :) Highly-recommended! Hotel was situated on a private coast so it had its own private beach. But the waves were pretty choppy cos it was the open sea and not some sheltered bay.


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