Tuesday, August 09, 2011

37 weeks preggy - Baby's full-term!

Ain't I looking like a whale now?

That's hubby's favourite term for me, especially when I need his help to roll on my sides on the bed.

Baby's considered full-term now! Well, the technical "full-term" is at 40 weeks but if a baby is born after 37 weeks, he/she is no longer considered premature.

I've decided to take some bare belly shots to "immortalize" my whale shape before I pop. And why did I photoshop them to make them black-and-white?

That's because of the latest casualty of my pregnancy. Stretchmarks!!!! Eeeekkkss!!!

I've been so diligent to apply Clarin's anti-stretchmark cream (that costs me 45€!) everyday, but even that didn't manage to save my belly.

Ok, given that my stretchmarks are mainly localized below my belly button, I guess I should be thankful. And I'm still hopeful that after I give birth, the stretchmarks would miraculously disappear!

I still can't believe that I'll be a Mom in a matter of weeks now! Hubby followed me to one of my birth preparation classes today and even for him, it was an eye-opener / back to reality phase for him to realize that he's going to be a Dad!

How do I feel???

Well, I don't really know! The whole birth process scares me sometimes, but I got to remind myself that God is on my side and He won't let me "tested" beyond what I can bear. And of course I'm praying for a smooth and short birth process. At the end of the day, all that matters is that my little one is born alive, healthy and kicking!

At this point, its just a matter of making the full use of my time doing things I enjoy doing and getting all the rest I can get. I'm actually thankful for a cool summer because that means that I get to sleep more! So yeah, sorry to all the other Europeans who are sooo sad at this cool summer, but I told my hubby today, "God made this summer cool just for me!" Heehee.

Baby has been really REALLY active these days! I think our baby falls under the exception in that babies in the 3rd trimester are supposed to move around less because of a lack of space. But our baby is so strong and moves around a  lot! He also seems to have a good memory because he kicks me on my right side close to my ribs ALL the time! I can literally feel the leg moving from the left to the right just to smack me at the spot that is still sore from the last kick! I think we got ourselves a cheeky baby! :)


AiLing said...

Wow Pris, time has just flown by! I'm really excited for you. I'm sure everyone has told you this but remember to get all the rest you can k? And just be mentally prepared not to sleep well for a few weeks. Learn to rest on the go and keep the joy! :) Hugs hugs from all of us.

Summer Lace said...

You are looking good Pris! And yes, your belly is very very big! Let us know when it's close to the delivery date! :)


Gene said...

Yay! Can't wait!
You're looking awesome Pris!

Pris said...

Hey Ailing!

I'm trying to get more rest these days, but there's sooo many things to do! Spending the day rearranging furniture at home so that there's space for baby's things. But I'm soo slow and get tired so easily! Thank God I decided not to move house late in my pregnancy!

Pris said...

Thanks dear Andrea! :)

Yar hor! My belly's like super round now. I will let you know when contractions start!!!

Pris said...

Gene - Thanks! When I compare my belly now to when you took pictures for us, I'm in awe that the belly can grow EVEN bigger!

Sarah said...

You look absolutely radiant! So excited for you... anytime soon now!

whimsicaljottings said...

Wishing you an uneventful, smooth delivery :) I'm so dreading the appearance of stretchmarks too, but hey theyre badges of honour aren't they ;)

Pris said...

Sarah - Thanks dear! I hope baby doesn't make his appearance too early! I don't feel ready yet!

Pris said...

Whimsicaljottings - I don't think every woman gets stretch marks. I'm wondering if I got them because I didn't put enough cream on the bottom of my belly.

cyn said...

Hey Pris

You are looking GREAT! Here's wishing you a smooth delivery surrounded by His love.

Cory said...

A lovely whale... :-)

Pris said...

Thanks Cyn and Cory!!! :)

I'm excited to meet my little man too!


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