Monday, August 01, 2011

28 more days.....

I can't believe that we've entered into my birth month!

Ok, baby's only expected at the end of the month and if he's late, we'll enter into September. But it still feels very surreal to say, "I've got one more month before I pop!"

If you compare the two photos below, you'd realize that my bump looks bigger on the left compared to the right. Its because of the way I placed my hands really - didn't manage to grab all the cloth on the right.
How does it feel to be 90% done with my pregnancy? Hmmm, let's see.

My sleeping habits are pretty much wacko these days. I wake up constantly cos of a "full" bladder, but its mainly because I feel pressure on my bladder, depending on where baby is lying. At least once a night I don't succeed in falling back asleep immediately so I lie awake on my bed, listen to my hubby sleep and enjoy those quiet movements of baby and I. Yeah, baby tends to be awake whenever I wake up to go to the bathroom!

This would result in me being very tired in the morning, so I often have to catch up on my sleep either in the afternoon or eat my breakfast and go straight back to bed. I've had to learn to listen to my body too. Gone are the days when I can pack my schedule like crazy. Now, its one social appointment per week, while the rest of my time is spent preparing for baby / getting my house in order . By the way, I've created a search engine on the top left of my blog so you can search for recipes or whatever interests you :)

Baby's movements have been becoming so obvious. I still can't differentiate between a hand or leg but I can certainly feel a limb or two moving along my entire torso! Sometimes it tickles, other times its actually painful!

Baby's very playful too. My belly button hasn't popped yet (I'm not sure if it ever will) and sometimes I feel baby playing with my belly button from the inside! Its the weirdest sensation I tell ya. I've been stopped in my tracks to catch my breath and have to exert some pressure on my belly button with my palm before the weird sensation stops.

We've also started "playing" with the little one. Whenever I feel baby moving, I / hubby would keep pressing the spot where he's been moving. Then we would wait. And baby tends to respond by pushing back at the exact same spot! He seems to realize that its a game and would continue at it as long as we do.

The drawback is that my insides (at that spot) do become quite sore! I would be swimming and baby would be pressing the same spot where we were playing with him, not realizing that the game was over! **Isn't he such a sweetie?**

Yeah, don't mind my pregnancy ramblings. I'm sure I will miss all these memories once baby enters into our human world. So I find it very therapeutic to document these experiences here.
Last week's social appointment was with my dear friend, Yvonne. She's one of the ladies from our cell group whom I got to know about 2 years ago. Recently, we've been spending more time together and these times are sooo precious! We went to a shopping centre, Breuningerland and just spent the day there. She absolutely shares the excitement of us having our first baby and will make such an awesome mom herself one day! We speak German together, which is very good practice for me and I look forward to her getting to know my little man soon!


Sarah said...


And yes, rest rest rest x 1000000. You'll be so thankful you did when bub comes :) ENJOY the rest of the month!

Pris said...

Dear Sarah!

You're getting me so excited! :) Yeah, I'm trying to sleep as much as I can right now! Wish I could store up my sleep for use later!


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