Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As you might have noticed from my ticker, my D-day has come and gone.

Baby's officially "late" now - so that makes him more Singaporean than German. Hah.

On the other hand, statistically only 5% of babies are born on their Estimated Delivery Date ("EDD"). The other 95% are born in the time period of 2 weeks before and after their EDD.

I'm very thankful that baby decided not to come earlier, because of the wedding we attended recently and the very intense heatwave that plagued Germany last week.

However, now that I'm all ready, I must say that I was a bit disappointed that baby didn't make his appearance on his EDD - as if babies follow schedules.

I've been going to the gynae every two days just to check that everything's A-ok on the inside. Baby's heartbeat is strong and everything's still perfect. Just that there's no sign that baby's gonna make his appearance anytime soon. He's very active and continues to kick as if to tell us, "I'm happy inside here, don't worry about me!"

I feel like I'm sitting on pins and needles because I have no idea when the whole thing will start. I just have to keep trusting that God has already chosen the appointed time for our baby to come into this world.

Yesterday was the last day that we needed to finish cleaning the kitchen so our little bundle of joy can really make his appearance soon!

Last week I spent the entire time at home because of the crazy weather and just the thought of having my waters break in public was enough to put me off going to the city. However, after one week of being cooped up at home, I hit the city today with hubby after my gynae appointment. It felt so good to be out, do some shopping, get some fresh air and exercise! :)

Perhaps that's exactly what I need to get baby out! To get on with my life and at some point in time, little boy's going think, "I think I've had it in my Mummy's belly and wanna join her!"

Physically-wise, I'm glad that I don't feel too bad. I'm waddling because baby's head is very low in my pelvic region and have backache on my right side. But other than, even hubby commented that I don't like a woman who's overdue, since I still look energetic and fresh. Notice I used the word "look". 

On a side note: My beloved Sony VAIO laptop has been infected with a very malicious Trojan horse. :( I have no idea how it happened since I was simply surfing the Internet and didn't even download anything! I'm hoping that hubby can repair it soon - Am currently blogging from my hubby's laptop.

Yup, just a short update so that you know that our little baby is still baking and my absence is not because I'm in the hospital already.


letti said...

hang in there lil momma :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Soon soon! Sleep as much as you can now :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information...I already pictured you in my mind with the baby in your arms :-) Okay, just a little more patience then...

You will do fine!

Love, Geli

Sabrina said...

All the trips I'm currently going on mean that I have no phone reception! It's driving me crazy!!!!! Hope it all goes well and the little one comes quickly.

Big hug, thinking of you 3 every day!

Lots of love,

Jie Jie

Beau Lotus said...

Both my sons were born a week or 2 before term, but my daughter was born on the day itself.

He'll come out when he's ready, what matters is that you are ready for him when that happens.

Belinda said...

good luck pris, am sure you will welcome baby very soon to this world.

God bless!

Pris said...

Letti - Thanks fellow Momma for your encouragement!!! Baby's still baking as of today!

Pris said...

Corsage - Thanks! I'm trying to sleep as much as I can (in between all the peeing episodes!!)

Pris said...

Geli - Seriously?? I would have smsed you or smth if baby had been born! Thanks!! Will let you know when things get started!

Luv, Pris

Pris said...

Jie Jie - Hello!!!! :) We three miss you LOTS!!! Do you have a cellphone number with which we can reach you by? Can send you an MMS of baby so that you can be informed even if there's no Internet.

Pris said...

Serene - Oh you lucky lady!!!! Wow. Its not easy waiting once baby is "overdue" but I need to keep reminding myself that baby will come out once he is ready - just like what you said. I just don't want to be induced.

Pris said...

Belinda - Thanks hun!!! :) My late Mom's birthday is this coming Sunday. Who knows baby might be born then and it would be such a sweet remembrance for me of my Mom and our new addition to the family!

Sarah said...

I fully empathize, Enoch was overdue by 3 days n each day felt like eternity haha. But yes, going out n walking about does help :) Hang in there, he'll be joining you both soon!

irene said...

Hey Pris, my first born decided to come 8 days late and be a christmas eve baby!!! The Lord will watch over you and He will guard all you entrust unto Him.......Waiting, virtual aunt...God bless

Anonymous said... enkel Samuel Ethos Tews arrived after 19 hr of labour! Greetings from Opa


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