Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Festival in Stuttgart 2011

We went to the Summer Festival in Stuttgart last weekend. It's an annual music-cum-wine event that never fails to attract throngs of people.  

There's live bands from various countries, wine from the region and lots of food stalls which serve anything from German specialities to seafood.
We enjoy going to this event every year just to soak in the atmosphere and be "under people" - as they would say it in German. In proper English, it would mean to be among the crowd and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city life. 

This year though, my main challenge was to see how long I could be in the open without going to the bathroom! I timed myself and it seemed like I had to make a dash for the ladies every hour! Baby's head is engaged and pretty much presses on my bladder all the time. 

Other than that, it was a really neat experience hanging out with the people from our cell and feeling the cool summer breeze in our faces. I gave the wine a miss but promised myself to treat myself to great cocktail once I give birth! - Hmmm..... or am I supposed to keep away from alcohol when I'm breastfeeding too???
This year Porsche and Mercedes-Benz themed up to showcase their automobiles right in the middle of this festival, which in my opinion felt pretty much out of place.
In front of some limegreen Mercedes-Benz model which hasn't been launched
To give you an idea of how packed it was, that's one of the many bands - The guy with the saxophone. People just had to stand around since seats were pretty limited
 See what I mean with the summer atmosphere? That's in front of the castle at the Schlossgarten.
 Hubby and his obligatory smile
 Flammkuchen- German pizza, served with thin dough, bacon, onions, cheese and Quark, baked over open fire.
 Hubby with Benny, a budding butcher who topped his "butchery" class
 Yummy foody, I'm famished!
 Together with Ari and Yvonne. Two beautiful and young married ladies in our cell. Ari's Benny's wife.
We were grooving to the music here! 
 One of the many food stalls around the entire area

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