Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 22 Day 2 - My Sleeping Beauty

I had another check-up at the gynae today. This would be my last check-up in my 2nd trimester and my next check-up would be when I'm already in my 3rd trimester! Oh man, time does fly when you break up a pregnancy into trimesters!

We went for a private ultrasound because I wanted to see if we could 100% confirm the gender of baby beanie. Atlast, baby beanie was being coy and refused to move his position! Gynae tried to get a different angle to see if she could more clearly but it was still the same as the last ultrasound when baby was lying on his side.

I'm pretty convinced its a boy though, cos we saw "the thing" again. Gynae just wanted to confirm by taking a frontal shot, which baby refused to allow her to. And she said that usually when she's 80% sure, she's right about it.

Little baby is certainly taking after me! He enjoys sleeping with his hands over his head. If you remember the previous scan (here), baby was sleeping like that too. I love him to bits already even though I haven't met him in real life! 

For myself: Baby's moving around so much these days especially in the morning. I think I'm getting into my second bout of hunger pangs because I have to wake up to eat some breakfast before going back to sleep again. And usually after I've eaten and am lying on my bed to fall asleep again, baby keeps kicking non-stop! Today I counted about 7 kicks with an interval of a few seconds! I'm definitely going to miss all these kicks when baby's born, but for now I'm going to savour this baby-and-I stage.

I'm reminded to pray for little baby even in the womb. That he would know the Lord and fellowship with Him while he is being fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139)


Chrish said...

Ohhhh!!! it's a boy!!! You can now start thinking of names and clothes hehe

Kelly said...

I got it from Old Navy. Not sure if they still have it, but yes, I got it online! :D

Pris said...

Chrish - Yeah! It does look like its going to be a boy. And I was thinking about it and realized that the chances of the umbilical cord looking like the "thing" for 2 ultrasounds is pretty unlikely.

So yeah! We've already thought of a name! :) Just need to consult my aunts about the Chinese name.

Pris said...

Thanks Kelly!
I checked out Oldnavy's website and realized that the dress is only available in XXL! **bummer**


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