Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our latest baby

Have I mentioned that hubby has got himself a new baby?

Ok, its not entirely "new" in that its second-hand. But its got everything that hubby has ever wanted in a car and so much more!

2011 would be the year when we would have 3 babies - The first one is this gorgeous, black, 5 series BMW Combi that is so much bigger than our Renault Clio that has served us faithfully for more than 8 years. I have since "inherited" the Renault which would be my trustworthy mode of transport from home to the train station.

Usually I have to brisk-walk for 15-mins downhill  to the train station and another 20-mins back uphill! I see this as a good form of exercise but now with my expanding belly, I find it harder to be sporty on land especially when I have a train to catch!

Yup, so my little Renault helps me to circumvent this problem, with the only challenge of me having to find a parking space in a parallel parking lot somewhere close to the train station! Parallel parking and a woman's sense of 3-D navigation somehow doesn't seem to fit. So far though, I've been fortunate enough to find parking spaces that are big enough and it does help that the Renault is small. 

Our new baby though, is a monster! Its soooo huge and long. The one main thing I love about this new car is that its an automatic car! No more gear-switching and pressing on the clutch. But one has to pay attention to the amount of pressure one puts on the gas pedal because this car has a huge engine and horsepower!

We decided to purchase this car now because our 2-door Renault wouldn't be suitable for a baby and carseat. So hubby was really looking forward to getting this car as much as I was looking forward to get pregnant! haha. **Men**
On our way to the North Sea, hubby tested out the capabilities of his new car. I managed to capture the acceleration from 200 to 260km/h!!!!
 Do you know what the licence plate signifies? 
PS = Our initials and 2502 is our wedding date!
Front-view of the car


Simon Scholz said...

you guys are going through a lot of changes ;) great to read all of that! makes me miss you guys even more :(

Chrish said...

WOW! did you guys bid for the number or did it comes like that?? it's really nice to have the initials and number so familiar

Pris said...

Simon - Yeah you're right about that! 2011 is like a breakthrough year for both of us. You'll be back soon right? So we'll see you again!

Pris said...

Chrish - You are sooo funny!!!! I had to laugh so hard when I read your comment. One doesn't have to "bid" for the licence plate. You can just request for it and if it hasn't been taken, you can use whatever number you want! :)

Jie Jie said...

Aaaaahhh... You're all grown up now... :)

Although have the feeling that my brother will be more like a little kid over his car than ever!

Miss ya! xxx

Pris said...

Hey Jie jie!
Hubby says that the excitement of a new car lasts for 2 weeks max. So he's really happy he didn't buy a brand-new car but a second-hand one instead. I like the ride in the new car. But got to get used to the fact that my new preggy back doesn't enjoy sitting for too long!


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