Friday, April 01, 2011

On Team Blue!!! -- Most probably!

I had my gender scan at week 18 and guess what?

We're going to have a BOY! 

The gynae is 80% sure that baby's going to be a boy because she saw the "parts". However, she added that baby was lying on its side so it made it a bit difficult to ascertain for sure if baby would be a boy, because the "part" could also have been the umbilical cord.

That's when she switched the mode of the ultrasound to black-and-white, while the blood vessels would be red in colour. And we saw that the "part" was not red, so it couldn't have been the umbilical cord.

So we're pretty sure that baby is going to be a "he" but to be cautious, we'll simply say we're most probably having a baby boy!

This is wayyy cool because I've had a hunch our baby would be a boy cos:-

- I dreamt twice that my first baby would be a boy. This was even before I was married (but was engaged). In my dream, my late Mummy was there with my baby and we were having a meal together. So precious.

 - I had fierce hunger pangs in my 1st trimester, which disappeared temporary only to re-appear again recently. I'm a long sleeper and can pretty much sleep through breakfast and sometimes lunch. But recently, I've had to get up to eat! Sometimes at 4am and most of the time earlier than I would have normally woken up.

I seriously get woken up from hunger pangs! And you think, "I'm sure I can sleep them away." But no, they get increasingly stronger that at some point in time, I'm having this sharp pain in my stomach region such that I know that I have to eat to save myself! Can't wait to stuff myself crazy in Singapore!

- In our 10th week scan, gynae already said that she could see something but was legally not allowed to tell us the gender because it was too early.

Anyway, I'm considering paying for a private scan at 24 weeks so that we can have the assurance that baby is really a boy, before we go boy shopping! Any suggestions for boys' names?

Above: Baby was moving his hands above his head, in a sleeping position. Hubby said that its exactly the way I sleep! (With my hands above my head)


Anonymous said...

Looks like the baby has a great time :-) Just relaxing, cuteee!

You want to choose a German or English name?
I always considered "Jeremy" to be a great English name for a boy. In German you can forget about it....Jeremia would sound too odd ;-)
There are just more cool names in could even name a boy "Zac" and in German it would be Zacharias, sooo old-Testament-like *gg*

Love, Geli

Steph said...

Hey congrats ! Knew it was a boy as normally to be able to tell that early for sure, there must be SOMETHNG there you can see ! ;)
Enjoy shopping now for Boy stuff ;)

Pris said...

Hey Geli!

Yeah! I think so too! Baby looks relaxed and laid back! Let's hope this means I'm going to have an easy baby! :)

We want to choose a name that sounds good both in German and English...oh boy, that seems difficult! I agree with you that somehow English names sound better than their German ones!! - Tell Stephan that!


Pris said...

Hey Steph!
Thanks! You were one of the few who guessed correctly! Is 18weeks early to tell the gender? Do you use any websites for baby shopping? Can recommend some?

Jie Jie said...

Looks like an alien to me at this point... :) You have a very excited 'aunt-to-be' on the other side of the planet!!! :)

Not suggesting any names though, am just waiting to find out what it's going to be. Just make sure you don't choose a name that'll mean the little boy will get beaten up in the school yard!

Big hug, miss you loads,

jie jie x

Pris said...

Hey Jie Jie!

Hah really? I thought baby looked more like a human looked more "alien" in the earlier scan pictures.

Hah, hubby and I are still thrashing out the names. But I'm sure we will come up with a good decision at the end of it!

We miss you too! But glad to see that you're adapting so well in Aussieland!


SABRINAdianne said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your baby "boy" (speaking it by faith)

And I personally love when parents give their children names with meaning behind them. To me it points them to a destiny.

Be encouraged in the God of our salvation. Beautiful blog you have here.

Pris said...

Hi Sabrinadiana!

Is that your full name? My sis-in-law is also Sabrina. Thanks for popping by my blog!

I agree with what you said about choosing names that have a special meaning behind it.

Look forward to getting to know you better too!


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