Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hayfever Madness!

I've been having a cold for 2 weeks now.

Ok, it isn't a real cold in that I get a fever and all, but I have all the symptoms of a cold. A stuffy and running nose, itchy throat and overall sense of not feeling well.

And this ailment comes under the name of "hayfever".

This is my 5th spring in Germany and I've never, ever had any hayfever symptoms.

But this year's different. Somehow. It all started one evening when my throat refused to stop itching. I just thought that I might be falling ill but this itch continued. And I never really got sick.

So I went to the doc and he prescribed me a nasal spray. I tried it but it barely works at all!

I went to the gynae one week later who basically told me she can't give me anything because I'm preggy. This could be the reason for my hayfever because the immune system is usually suppressed during pregnancy and moreover my first bout of hayfever came about only when I got preggy!

So yeah, I was written off work. And if it continues, there's no way in the world that I can continue working because with my sore, dry and itchy throat, I simply can't teach a class.

I've been researching about home remedies for hayfever and there isn't much to begin with.

Hence, I resorted to ordering something on the Internet, in an attempt to somewhat control my hayfever. I ordered the Haymax. Apparently its organic, 100% safe and just something you can put on your nose to prevent polen from entering your nasal passages and hence reduce / eliminate your hayfever symptoms.

I went swimming last Friday and realized that my stamina has deteriorated. And I know its due to this hayfever. So it isn't just symptoms but the flu-like symptoms are taking their toil on my body too.

The only thing that calms my throat down is when I drink some hot tea / water. I read that Camomille tea is good for hayfever, so I'm going to try that before I sleep. And local honey too. I'm also washing my hair everyday to get rid of pollen that gets stuck in the hair, because I noticed that my hayfever gets worse when I sleep.

Alrighty, will have to try all these remedies and see if anything helps. Would really appreciate prayers about this. Its really pretty miserable and I really don't want to have this for the remaining of my pregnancy, or worse still for the rest of my life!

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