Monday, April 04, 2011

Constance, a city near the Boden See (Lake Constance)

We went to Constance on Saturday cos I just wanted to get out of Stuttgart. Thought that being close to the lake would help to alleviate my hayfever allergies. Well I still ended up blowing my nose and sneezing half the time but it was still a very lovely day nevertheless.

Just sun, water, great company and a perfect day out.

Yup! I'm 19 weeks preggy today! 1 more week to the half-way mark. At times when I'm not feeling well, it really helps to remind myself that it's cos I'm preggy and there's a little being growing inside me. I'm unable to take any oral medication because of this little one and by God's grace, I will get through this.
 Seeing red. You can see my burgeoning belly in this red dress which I recently bought. A regular dress from C&A that only cost me 15€.
I tried pressing down my dress so you can see my rounder belly. Too bad that the denim jacket somewhat blocked it
My hubby doing the obligatory pose
 That's a restaurant in the middle of an island!
That's the Alps in the background
 Don't the trees look so awesome?
Having a lovely dinner before we headed home
 Shared a typical German soup with pancake slices in it
 I opted for some fresh grilled fish since we were right beside the lake
Hubby, the meat-lover went for the typical Cordon Bleu

Have I mentioned that this is why I enjoy blogging? We look so happy and everything looks so beautiful in these pictures! And these are the memories I want to keep. Eventually when (not if) the hayfever wears off, when the pregnancy discomfort is over and baby is born, I will want to remember the positive memories and just forget about the not-so-pleasant ones!


Gene said...

Looking great dear Pris!
Can't wait to see you 3 in Singapore!
Send my love to Stephan and baby. =)

Ai Ling said...

oh pris!! You are absolutely glowing! Love the red dress. I finally got some time to book our tickets. Most likely we'll be in singapore by 30 May. We've got nothing on as of now so when is a good time for you to meet up?

Pris said...

Thanks a lot dear bro!!! :)

Hah, won't be able to see baby beanie yet, but I'll definitely look rounder! Look forward to seeing you and Oli too!

Pris said...

Hey Ai Ling!

Thanks a lot! Really makes my day that at least I still look fine even after blowing my nose for the umpteen time! What a nice comfort! :)

Oh nice! We'll have about a week left when you all arrive. Shall we hang out somewhere together? We're open to going for a picnic or Sentosa or anywhere convenient for you all with the kids. :)

lilacdropsofdew said...

Woah Pris .. the photos are beautiful. I never knew there was a place called Constance in Germany. Hope your hayfever is gettin' better! Take care :)

Pris said...

Thanks Andrea!

Constance is a 1.5-hr drive from where we live. Pretty nice. :)

My hayfever is still pretty much the same,I'm turning into an owl by sleeping in the day and tossing and turning at night. (Pollen intensity is higher at night). But gynae gave me some pills today so I'm going to try them and hope they help!


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