Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Flowers

I love receiving flowers.

Actually I don't know a single woman who doesn't! And no, its not old-fashioned. Its a perfect gesture to show a lady that you appreciate, treasure and love her! And no, I don't think you need a special occasion to receive them. Its actually the flowers which you least expect, which bring the most joy!

Even back in the days when we were not married, hubby would send flowers every birthday, Valentime's Day and on special occasions. I used to "complain" that this habit kinna stopped after we got married, which my hubby justified by saying that we had a long-distance relationship in the past so he wasn't there in person to celebrate those special occasions with me. But now that we're living under one roof, I have him all to myself so I didn't need flowers (?!?).... **guys** :)

Anyway, oh boy was I so happy when hubby resumed this flower-giving habit after some time. Last year for my birthday, I got a bunch of flowers and a spa voucher! :) **Guys: That's a timeless gift idea!**

The flowers above were received on Tuesday. Hubby bought them for me after a not-very-pleasant "discussion" we had in the morning. Truth be told, I had as much of a role to play in the entire thing as he did - blame it on the pregnancy hormones! I'm like one big emotional ("emo") person! I always knew I was emo, personality-wise. But oh man, I didn't know "emo" until I became "preggo"! I cry more easily. I dream such vivid dreams that I wake up shaking. And I get angry over the slightest things! **poor hubby** I'm really praying to keep my emotions under control!

 But I was sooo overjoyed when he picked me up after work and there were flowers in the car!!!!

My grin became a full-blown smile when I saw what he wrote in the card!!!! He attempted to write Chinese!

For those Chinese speakers! Do you know what it means???


It means "I love you. I'm sorry, can you please forgive me?" - but written all wrongly! You can't really stay mad with a present like this!


Anonymous said...

You guys are so sweet...hei, being "emo" is such a nice thing, I can relate way better to that than to those "tough" women out there who seem to be happy and content all the time and never lose control of their reactions...big mistery to me :-) haha

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Hi my dear Geli!

You are sooo funny & sweet! I TOTALLY understand what you mean! I think that's also why we can click so well together. I figured if God made me to be an emotional person, I will accept that personality than try to be someone else. Of course that doesn't give me the right to flare up but u know what I mean!

Luv, pris

mohdhafifi said...

come here from Malaysia


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