Saturday, March 05, 2011

How does it feel to be preggy?

Now that the secret is out in the open, I'm free to write about the biggest thing that's happening in my life right now! :)

Yup yup, so far this pregnancy has been pretty.... hmmm.... interesting!

I'm thankful to say that I didn't have scary symptoms like spotting / early bleeding that would send any woman straight into panic mode.

But what I did have was severe migraines / nausea / vomitting every night for 2 whole weeks,.....

which didn't even come directly from the pregnancy!

I had to stop some medication that I was previously told to continue through the 1st Trimester of pregnancy, because preliminary research showed that it helps to lessen the risk of a miscarriage in PCOS women. However due to the intense side effects I was getting from it, I had to completely stop it. 

And after that, I had no more night nausea! Like zero! So Baby Beanie was good to me! It was just the medicine!

I went back to work for 2 days before falling ill with fever, cold, cough - the entire "winter" package! And one of the "perks" of being preggy is that you're not allowed to take any form of medication.

So I was stuck in bed / home for 2 whole weeks!!! And these 2 weeks coincided with the time when we had our heater saga, so I had no heating when I was sporting a fever and all.

After this episode, I went back to work for almost 2 weeks before developing inflammation of my tendons, which resulted in me not being able to walk.

Yup, this is also pregnancy-related. I used crutches for the first time in my life, went to an Orthopaedic and was given a few sessions of manual therapy for my back and legs.

Now I'm currently in the "recovered" mode from my inflammed tendons and I'm praying and hoping to God that this would be the last hiccup in my pregnancy journey, which still has another 6.5mths to go!

I'm also trying to get used to people giving me advice all over the place! I'm sure they mean well, but wow. I guess this is what all pregnant women have to go through!

Other than that, I'm mainly hungry 24/7 and running out of ideas of what to eat. I eat bread all the time because its the easiest thing available but I don't even like the taste of bread that much!

I crave, dream and salivate over the thought of finally eating all my favourite food in Singapore soon! 

Despite everything though, I wake up everyday and thank God for blessing us with this baby! 

It hasn't been an easy journey for us and we've had to keep proclaiming God's goodness and promises over our lives. So yeah, Baby Beanie isn't "just a baby", or something that happened "by accident".

Its the fulfillment of a prophecy spoken over us 5 years ago. A breakthrough in our spiritual walk with God and most of all, an answer to so many prayers spoken in faith to God. And we know deep in our hearts that God has perfect and amazing plans for this little being!

Yup, booked my flight tickets to Singapore! Will be there from mid-May to early June! Woo hoo! And we're also planning a short trip to Krabi, the place we were for our honeymoon 5 years ago! Just a short getaway. I'm starting to get stressed about my trip to Singapore already, with people wanting me to make appointments to meet up with them, even before I'm there!

So yeah, I definitely need some peace and quiet in Krabi, away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city like Singapore. 

And just so you know what awaits us in Krabi....
 In a fresh water spring
On a boat to go snorkelling
In our favourite resort - The Cliff, where they use water without chlorine.

We look forward to this time of couple-ness! Our last major holiday before Baby Beanie comes!


Room to Think said...

wow, Krabi looks sooooooo good! so delighted for you! gosh, that medicine sounds really ikky. glad everything ended when you stopped it. hope your back and legs are totally good now. hope we get to see more photos of baby beanie soon.

Pris said...

Hey Jos!
Krabi is really nice! Although right now, we're looking into Phuket because there's a wider choice of hotels. That medicine was horrible! So glad its all over!

My legs are much better! Thks for asking. I'm just trying to pay more attention to how I feel, so I don't over-exert myself. Beanie pix arh. Ha, our next scan is only at the end of the month, so a while to go.... wish I can see Beanie baby more often too! But I got a Doppler! So hopefully can find and hear baby's heartbeat!

Chrish said...

Congrats again Pris!! Good that you both plan a trip back to satisfy your cravings! hehe..anyway take very good care for now! Ps: i'm pretty busy since i came back last 2 weeks ago and thot it's nice to drop by your blog now since i am taking a breather ;P

Pris said...

Chrish - Thanks for dropping by and your well wishes! :) You've been back for 2 weeks now? Doesn't time in Singapore just fly by?

Yeah! I'm looking forward to my trip in Singapore. But right now, I can't stop thinking and praying about the people in Japan!

Chrish said...

Opps correction it's 3 weeks already! Yes time just flies by when one is having lotsa fun!!

yeah it's really bad isn't it? My prayers are also with them all the watching BBC almost every few hours to catch up with the news! Well we don't know what's God's plan for them is but it's certainly very sad to see them like this :(

Have you started packing yet?? I know i would be if i were in your shoes hehe ;P

Pris said...

Hey Chrish
Yeah man. Whenever I wake up, I keep thinking "Oh man, I hope the nuclear thing will be solved today". But you're right, there's nothing much we can do except to pray!

No! I haven't started packing yet! Wahah. I usually pack only 1/2 days in advance.

And oh man, I already feel our Singapore trip is soo short. Will be in Singapore for about 2.5wks since we'll be in Krabi for 5 days.


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