Thursday, February 10, 2011

Counting my blessings in winter!

The Singaporean in me still can't get used to the cold weather even though this must be my 5th winter in Germany already!

Last week when the weather was sooo bitter cold and I was stuck at home with my flu and fever, I couldn't do anything except pray that God would make the weather warmer! I wasn't given any medicine either because it was a flu virus so I was given 1 week to get over it.

My body really spent every single day of the one week to fight the virus! Like a mini step towards recovery everyday! My fever took 4 days (!!!) to leave and my voice took a full week to come back (a little bit). By Monday this week, my voice was still not great and I had developed a constant cough so I had to go back to the doctor for more medical leave!

That makes it 2 full weeks of being stuck at home with this bugger virus. I'm thankful that my voice is much better though my cough is still there.... but its getting better with time.

To make matters "better", our heaters in the house were malfunctioning! That means that our bedroom heaters were making a constant clicking sound all through the night and were not working at all sometimes! This being our first winter in our new apartment, we had no idea how to deal with these issues. We certainly didn't have heater issues in our previous apartment.

Hubby tried in vain to call the heater guy for 3 days but he didn't pick up! Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and called them at 15-mins intervals in the morning!!! Someone finally picked up the phone and sent someone to try to repair the heaters.

Long story cut short, after 3 visits from repairmen and various attempts to figure out the source of noise, our heaters are MUCH quieter now. We are still waiting for another heater guy to come by to explain how we can regulate the temperature in our apartment.

So yeah...that's our winter story. I suppose every winter would bring about its own trials and tribulations. But I'm determined to proclaim in faith that "In Jesus name, I'm not going to fall sick in winter and I'm going to enjoy winter for whatever God has created it to be!"

And yeah, God did answer my prayers about warmer weather. This photo was taken last Sunday on our pre-church walk! :)
The park was soo full that we barely found a parking space! That's how desperate people are for warmer temperatures here!


Aaron, Debbie & Alida said...

Looks like you are having some warmer weather! Hope you feel better soon!
Debbie (Sweet_Alida)

Pris said...

Hey Debbie!
Thanks for dropping a msg on my blog!!! :) So nice that you popped by! Thanks. I do feel better! Hope to get to 100% well soon enough!


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