Friday, February 18, 2011

Making hubby domestic

Sorry I've been sooo quiet. Finally started work for good this week and I needed all my energy to get through each day. 

During the time that I was ill, it dawned on me that I needed a back-up cook. I needed someone who could take over the domestic duties when I'm just incapable of getting out of bed. So, who else except the beloved hubby came to mind!!! Hubby usually helps out in the kitchen when he's at home and he's a great help! Don't get me wrong. But I felt that I needed to show him the ropes of basic dishes so that he can be left on his own to whip up meals when I'm unable to "supervise" him. 

So far, hubby has learnt how to make:

- Pad Thai
- Bacon pasta
- Konnyaku Jelly (picture above)

Cooking can be fun! He so enjoyed putting the blue colouring into the jelly that I had to stop him before he turned the entire jelly too blue! By the way, Konnyaku Jelly is a really easy dessert that one can make with lychees. You'd just have to get the Konnyaku jelly powder from Asian stores and follow the instructions. We invited the in-laws over for a meal last weekend and decided to have a simple dessert to end off the meal. They loved the jelly too!


irene said...

Howdy Ho Pris, Ever so nice to drop by to visit your lovely blog. The anniversary day of mom's transition to be with our Lord, i had a REALLY SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTER! Praise the Lord....You are one inspiring young christian and i exhort you...and hubby too. May He continue to bless you as you come in and bless you as you go out........In His love..from far yonder

Room to Think said...

ooh, blue jelly. so cute that you guys actually colour it. left you a message on fb. here's a blogger award for you:

Crystal Mary said...

Oh Yum!!!
I have actually tasted something similar to this and it was so delicious...
Happy eating.

Pris said...

Hey Irene!
Thanks for your lovely comment. :) Supernatural encounter! I would love to read about it. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Sooo needed. We're in the midst of the worst heater saga that we've ever experienced in Germany. ALL our heaters are not working. Its really getting on my nerves.

Pris said...

Hey Jo.
Thanks for the award! I still need to figure out hwo it works. Don't you colour your Konnyaku jellies? Most people in Singapore colours theirs.

Pris said...

Crystal Mary - Thanks!!! Its Japanese jelly, so the texture and taste are different from the usual jellies. Yeah, we still have 2 more packets. Will make them again soon!


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