Monday, December 20, 2010

Turning one year older

I can't believe I'm another year older! Ok, I've not hit the big 30 yet, but I'm close.

Its amazing how I got such great presents! My friends, Jen and Andrea even sent me a present from Singapore! And I'm so touched at how God spoke to me through the words of some of my friends on my birthday cards.

The first card I got, the first sentence read, "Not one year older, but one year wiser". And guess what? I think another 2 more people wrote the exact same sentence on their cards too!

These were the exact words that I needed to hear! I do struggle with getting older! Ok, I know I shouldn't be complaining, but I do feel that time is passing me by and sometimes I wonder what I have to show for my life.

I need to remind myself that my life is significant through Christ. Through Him, I will leave my mark in history. Through Him, I can do all things. Through Him, I know that I'm on the right path. Through Him, I know that I am loved and accepted unconditionally and one day I shall meet Him where I will spend eternity with Him.

Lord, may there be nothing on earth that holds me too dearly such that I will exchange that for your presence. I treasure you. I love you. Help me to desire more of you and less of me.

I wanted to celebrate being.... Alive. Young. Healthy. Loved.

And how best to do so than by surrounding myself with great food and great friends!!!! Hence, I decided to throw a huge party by inviting 40 people over! About 30 people came in the end. 2 fell sick (so their spouses didn't come either), 2 had a bad day with their car and another 2 had too much work to do before moving house.

Everybody loved the food! And I'm sooo happy that they loved the Singapore Curry Chicken too! Unfortunately, I couldn't really give them the recipe because it was Prima Taste! I will continue to try to master my own recipe of Singapore Curry.
The spread for the night. My sushi was a bit "fat" no thanks to me rushing through my sushi before the guests came! But it was finished up anyway!
  That's my Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Hubby helped me with the preparation and we took only 2.5 hrs for about 80 spring rolls! A friend told me that these were the best spring rolls she'd ever eaten!" Wow.
Turmeric-ginger-chicken with lime! I think I overdid it with the chilli but the Germans were sooo sporting! Everybody enjoyed the spicy chicken wings!!
 My mother-in-law's cheese crackers with this beyond-awesome spread in the middle. Recipe later.
 The spread in all its glory
So happy that the entire family could be there this time! :) Sabrina flew back from London on the same day as my party! She said this was the first time when she could eat the food that I cooked and not just ogle at the photos on my blog! Hah
 Guess who bought me that huge bouquet of flowers??? Hint: The best guy in the world! That's our new dining room table
 The only kid at my party. She's the daughter of one of my students at school. Such an angel! She even said, "OH man, why does everybody want to know my name at this party?"
Didn't manage to take many photos this time round because I decided that I just wanted to celebrate the party and not worry about taking photos! It was also the first time when I was not always stuck in the kitchen either! Sooo fun! I think I will definitely want to throw a birthday bash for the hubby too in May!

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