Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow, oh how I love thee....

It's snowing cats and dogs here!

Everywhere's white! And very beautiful!

I must say that there's really something magical about snow. Growing up in Singapore, I've always dreamt of living in a seasonal country. And I would rather have a winter with snow than without. Snow makes everything brighter and more cheery! Its the darkness of winter that makes the days feel longer. So I'm grateful to God for snow in my life!

The flip side is that when you come to the streets, the snow melts and combines with dust to form this black, dirty slush that goes swish swash when you walk over it. That's the only part that bugs me. Ok, plus the fact that I have to walk 20 mins in sub-zero temperatures to the train station. We had -13 degrees today! Hubby has been kind enough to give me a ride whenever he can.

One cool thing about our massively-cold apartment is that we've got a snow-covered view of a garden right from the comforts of our living and bedrooms! It does feel like we're living in a country cottage sometimes. :)

Weather forecasts have predicted a very cold and harsh winter for many European countries this year. I shudder to think of all time I need to spend outdoors. However, I must say that I really do enjoy a snow walk! With proper boots, one can really enjoy the crisp, cold, wintry air and perhaps even have a snowball fight! Hubby is a bit too good to fight against though! His throws are extremely accurate! 
Snow-covered branches. This garden used to be all green!
  Proof that it is in front of our apartment! That's our balcony railings.
 The fence separates our compound and our neighbour's. Look at that massive needle tree!
 Look at all that snow on the ground!

Do you like snow? What's your favourite part / what don't you like about it?


Sabrina said...

Very happy about the snow here although in London itself there is just not enough. I'm sure a lot of people would want to hit me for this comment, too, as a lot of people just find it annoying. ;) And to be honest, there are major problems here with public transport, not enough salt for the roads, the roads just not being cleared in time or at all etc. Have to say that I love snow back home - once I've landed safely in Stuttgart for Christmas.

Pris said...

Hey jiejie!
Yah I heard that there's not enough salt in London. Its a bit ridiculous if you think about it.

I know. Lots of people find snow annoying in Germany too. But I really like the whiteness and beauty of it. I have a harder time with the cold though.


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