Monday, November 29, 2010

Salzburg part 4 - Shots around the old city

Ideally this should have been my first post about Salzburg, but I got carried away with all the other tours. We spent our first day just walking around the old part of the city and the weather was beyond amazing. Sunshine, warm temperatures and clear, blue skies. When I look at these photos I have to think about how fast the weather changes in a matter of weeks! We're having snow chaos here. Everything's covered in snow - which is beautiful. We have a white garden in front of our house now. :) But I do take wayyy longer to walk to the train station, school, home, everywhere! I can't even run if I'm late for my train, because I don't want to risk a concussion.
In front of Mirabell Garden - where the Sound of Music was filmed too
The carefully-manicured gardens
Look at all that sun!
Hubby looks like he's telling a story on the left!
The "Do-re-mi" song was filmed with this statues in the background too
Beautiful river that runs through the city
Gorgeous Salzburg castles. 
 Gorgeous nightview of the same buildings.

Magical, isn't it? Night scenes taken from the top
Salzburg in the daytime
 Love this shot. Captures the beautiful surroundings and we actually look "normal"!

I must say that travelling in Europe is one of the best parts of living in Germany. I love travelling and I thank God that there are simply so many beautiful, breath-taking cities / places to visit in Europe. I mean, we could be living in the middle of a desert! The Israelites did that for 40 yrs! And since Europe is one large land mass, you get to drive anywhere you want. Ok, now we're still confined to our mini Clio but once we get our bigger car, we will definitely make longer road trips! 


DeanO said...

The Sound of Music - my Mum's favorite movie of all time. I love the pictures. It seems very quiet and serene in those pictures

Pris said...

DeanO - Your Mum's favourite? Suddenly I do feel sooo old! Hahah. But yeah, the Sund of Music tour was awesome and the scenery is even more beautiful!


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