Thursday, December 02, 2010

Salzburg part 5 - Austrian Food (The Sternbräu)

Remember I said that Austrian food is very similar to German food? As a matter of fact, there's hardly any significant difference! But Salzburg being a popular tourist destination and all, boosts a wide range of restaurants. We simply had to try out their culinary delicacies.

While walking around the old part of the city, we stumbled upon this restaurant. The Sternbräu. There were so many people inside that we knew that we had made a right choice even before we tasted their food! This traditional brewery restaurant has a history that goes back 600 years! Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Mozart himself) even visited the Sternbräu in 1777.

It was sooo good, that we first went there for dinner and decided to go back again for lunch the next day!
The Sternbräu, definitely a must-go restaurant in Salzburg!
In our cozy corner. This restaurant is massive! There were at least 5 different restaurants where one could be seated in. Its very typical Austrian. The heater was a bit too strong though. We were happy to leave after our meal and get into the cold again!
My lunch - Half-chicken breaded and deep fried with french fries, served in a basket - 14,30€.  
Tasted better than KFC!
My sweetie had veal escalope “Viennese style” with parsley potatoes € 14,50 
 For dinner, I had grilled fillet of salmon trout with green peppercorns and herbed potatoes - 14.90€
Salzburg is located at the river so the fish is pretty fresh here. This was a great choice!

It was hunting season when we were there. So hubby got one of their meat specialities that consisted of grilled deer meat with fresh mushrooms, served with apple-flavoured red cabbage (Apfel Rotkohl), a superb brown gravy and fried potatoes. This was so tantalising that we wanted to order the exact same thing for lunch the next day, but the "special menu" ended on the day we ate it!
Salzburg soufflè served with raspberry sauce - € 5,80
We personally found this a bit too sweet for our liking. 

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