Thursday, December 02, 2010

Salzburg part 6 - Japanese Food!

Ok, I know that Japanese food doesn't fall under "Austrian food" category.

But to be honest, Stuttgart can't really boost of good Japanese food if you don't want to pay through your nose. So we decided to ask the reception for a recommendation for a good Jap restaurant.

We were not disappointed at all! Like the Sternbräu, we went back to this restaurant twice. It isn't as good and price-worthy as the one in Strasbourg, but it was good nevertheless.

  The interior of the restaurant looked very "Jap".
 My first lunch in Salzburg. I really liked my set menu!
  Hubby's beef set. I liked the teriyaki sauce but hubby felt that they used too much beef tenderizer. The Jap restaurant was unfortunately owned by Chinese, so this dish turned out to be like a hybrid between what you'd get in a Chinese-and-Jap restaurant.
Next day's lunch: Hubby wanted his sushi fix so we went for the sushi boat! It was pretty good, other than the fact that I don't eat any other raw fish except for salmon. You can tell from its (pink?!) colour that the raw tuna was not superb, compared to the salmon.
Ohhh, lovely tempura! I found it light, crispy and not oily at all! Very recommended. The yakitori sticks left much to be desired though.

For pretty good Jap food:
5020 Salzburg
Griesgasse 19, Artis-Hof
(Getreidegasse 24)
Tel: 0662 / 849 488

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