Saturday, November 20, 2010

Salzburg trip part 1 - Mountains!

We went to Salzburg 2 weeks ago and oh boy, were we glad we did! It took us about 4 hours to get there by car, including the traffic jam(s) we were stuck in because our trip coincided with the Autumn school holidays. Without any traffic congestion, I believe the trip would have taken us 3 hrs.

Hubby rented a larger car because there was a technical problem with ours and the garage was too busy (changing winter tires) to get it repaired in time. It cost a little more, but our road trip ended up being much more comfortable and fuss-free as a result. This made me start dreaming of getting our own bigger, 4-door car when the timing is right. For now, saving up for hubby's dream would have to come first.

Salzburg literally means "salt mountain" in German. This city became rich and famous because of its huge salt reserves which the king exported to other cities. The income from the salt resulted in the name of this city and the amazing architecture of its buildings. (More about this on a later post.) Its pretty small, so our 4-days-3-nights trip gave us ample time to explore its main attractions.

Its also the filming location for the 5-oscar-winning "Sound of Music" movie (more to come later too). 
 Our view while climbing up the hill.
 This view appeared in the movie "The sound of music" too!
 I thought we would get to the top, take our photos and leave. But oh boy, there was a massively-huge park on top and we had to go for a hike before getting to various lookout points. Great exercise! Weather was awesome (traumhaft) for November. We had clear skies and around 20 degrees!
In front of the lovely Alps
Austria and its world-renowned Alps
Famous Castle on top of the mountain.... more photos to come!

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