Monday, November 22, 2010

Salzburg part 2 - Mozart dinner concert

During our Salzburg trip, we signed ourselves up for the Mozart dinner concert. This was one of the recommended to-do things on Tripadvisor.It didn't come cheap, about 53€ per person (excluding drinks) but it was definitely a cool cultural experience for tourists like us.

We had a 3-course meal and in between each meal we were treated to popular compositions by Mozart. There were 4 musicians - the violin, cello, viola and bass and 2 opera singers - a male and a female who sang in Italian and German while acting out various couple scenes. Clever hubby got the programme booklet so we could "understand" what the songs meant. I found the enunciation of the words extremely clear!

Our verdict: The music was excellent, ambience great but the food was only so-so. Nothing fantastic. Oh and the drinks are exorbitant! (I suppose that's how they earn their money). A bottle of wine would have set you back by about 40€! So no thanks, hubby got the regular Coke and I got a glass of white wine.
In front of the St. Peter's Stiftkirche where the concert took place. I decided to wear my bright orange trenchcoat which I got at 40% discount from Ted Baker in Singapore. I love the colour. It definitely makes me stand out from the crowd!
Amazing ambience inside the Cathedral for the concert-cum-dinner
 Love how "cultural" we look in this photo!
The 2 singers-cum-actors
  The starter - White lemon cream soup with cinnamon. Not fantastic
  Main course consisting of Breast of roasted Capon on truffled cream with sage, polenta, 'pear potatoes', and vegetables from the Prior's garden. Better than the starter.
Mozart's sweet secret: semi-frozen parfait of honey with fruit puree. Very yummy!
The ceilings of one of the interior of the rooms


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the picture of you two! Very pretty, Prissy! Again, your hubby is a very lucky guy... to have such beauty in his life :-)

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Hi dear Geli!
Oh boy, you're fast! Thanks for being such a faithful reader dear! Sooo encouraging! And thanks for your lovely compliment! I'll definitely tell my hubby about that! hahah.

Manis said...

desserts looked good!! never been to mozart. the last time i was forced to go to Opera (in deutsch), tt was back in 1999 with my gd friend as a christmas pressie. i almost ran far far away from there! LOL!!!! i didnt enjoyed it but if dinner is included, perhaps its a different story.

Pris said...

Hey Manis!
Wow you're brave! Going for opera in German!!! I can't imagine myself doing that! Too chim lah! Yeah, I thought food and concert would be cool...have something to enjoy. But to be honest, the food wasn't fantastic!

It was a cool experience though!

Bel said...

Looks like where I went to 2 years ago for my Mozart dinner concert!

Pris said...

Hey Bel - Did you? Cool! We went to the same places! Its hard to miss though, cos Salzburg is pretty small, the attractions are similar. :)

Auntie Grace said...

Hi Pris,

Is that a new autumn jacket u r wearing. Nice colour, suits yr skin tone and hair colour. Did u go to the Lake District in Austria?

Room to Think said...

Oh, love the orange trench coat!!! and sound of music, how fun!!

hey, my husband (fab) and i are going to europe for 3 weeks next aug. his older brother is getting married in london so we get to do some travelling, yay! was thinking to get some advice/travel tips from you.

thinking of taking the euro rail to visit a few countries. would love to go to italy (maybe tuscany or verona or where they have gorgeous vineyards and scenery etc), paris, maybe switzerland and greece.

but open to suggestions. i want to visit the louvre and get a photo of the eiffel tower with fab. :)

Pris said...

Hey Jo!
Thanks!:) I think the Sound of Music was so popular in Singapore, wasn't it?

Oh, that was what the Email was about right? Do you see the link to "Paris" on my blog? Perhaps you want to take a look and see if get any ideas about where to go?

I blogged about our trip to Switzerland with Dad too, but haven't put tags for them. They are all under the "travel" link.

I think I'll send you an Email instead!


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