Monday, November 15, 2010

Climb every mountain

I'm a scary cat.

That's the reason why I don't watch horror movies, nor do dangerous stunts like bungee jumping or sky-diving.

I do however, love roller coasters, skiing and anything that makes your heart leap and stop for a second or so.

Thus it continues to remain a childhood dream to bungee jump or sky-dive at some point in my life, even though I am a huge scary cat!

Anyway last Thursday I was told that I needed to drive to Heilbronn (about an hr away) to teach on behalf of a colleague of mine who had to fly back home at last-minute notice.

I've been there a couple of times but have never actually drove on my own. My dear father-in-law would be my chauffeur and I would get the travel costs reimbursed. This time, however, he couldn't bring me there and I also felt that it was about time to take the next step of driving - To drive alone.

Hubby takes the car to work usually and I'm relegated to taking the subway to work. Not that I'm complaining mine you, because I do actually enjoy skipping the rush-hour traffic everyday. The only flip side is that I hardly had any practise driving on my own.

Its really a psychological thing. With hubby in the car, I knew that I had another pair of eyes on the road. Hubby would attest to the fact that he hardly ever tells me what to do when I drive.

**Ok, except for the rare occasions when I drove too close to the kerb and he let out a slight gasp which sounded like he's  trying to mask his fear while still not alarming me**

Well, what can I say?

I succeeded!!!! With fear and trembling, lots of prayer and my faithful navigator system.

Words can't describe what its like to conquer a mountain that one has never climbed before.

I salute every driver who drives confidently everyday.

German drivers are (in general) pretty gracious too. When they see a lady (and more so an Asian one) trying desperately to enter the highway where cars are driving at 120km/h, they usually slow down or change lane for me.

Try driving in Singapore and you will know what I mean. Drivers there (in general) do not allow you to enter their lane as soon as you signal your intention to do so. Many drivers hence change lanes first, half a second before signalling (to mitigate the risk of being caught by the traffic police for flouting traffic rules).

I was so thankful to God for keeping me alive and safe on the roads! It was a day of victory. Of conquered grounds. In my mind. I knew that if I could conquer a mountain in my mind, I could conquer it in real life!

Have you had any experience where you conquered your own mountain?


Manis said...

i 'might' learn driving next year. Not sure if i have the guts to drive here but it wld be so cool though. see how. Roller coaster? no way, am chicken out. LOL.

Auntie Grace said...

Hi Pris,

Understand perfectly how you felt. Been there before. More scary on Singapore roads. In my case, it helps that I own my car therefore no need to answer to anybody else in case I bash it up. I remember my first day driving on my own. I ended up having muscular aches on my thighs and arms. Too tensed up I guess.
Nowadays, I still utter a prayer each time before driving.

Pris said...

Hey Manis - Oh, it would be cool to learn how to drive!!! And yeah, you do feel way more independent when you can drive yourself around. I'm still not at that point yet, but I hope to get there! Oh yeah! I know that you're scared of roller coasters! I read it on your blog.

Pris said...

Auntie Grace - Hihi! :) I agree that its scarier on Singapore roads. Hahha....I know. I get muscular aches too, not just from driving but also from my pilates course. How long have you been driving?

Auntie Grace said...

I have only been driving 7 yrs although I got my license before I entered varsity.

Pris said...

Auntie Grace - Oh nice! That's a good 7 yrs to have been driving! I would love to have my own car one day!

Anonymous said...

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Pris said...

Hi Anoynomous
Thanks! :) You're really nice! Glad that you find my blog valuable!


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