Friday, November 05, 2010

Paris part 9 - French Crepes!

What's a visit to the capital of France without trying its world-renouned Crepes right?

Hubby visited Paris a few years ago and he kept raving about this small Creperie where they serve awesome crepes.

La Creperie des Pechers
 The interior of the restaurant which was made to look like a ship
You start off with a savoury crepe as a main course. I ordered one with fish!!! And it tasted soooo good! 
And you end off with a dessert! Hubby's one was the best, apple bits with vanilla ice-cream set on flames by some alcohol!
That was mine, just with chocolate. But, we were so greedy and asked for more alcohol so that we could take photos with the blue flames. Guess what happened? The Crepe tasted of nothing but alcohol! Argh. Selberschuld as they would say in German.... in English "we deserved our just desserts!" Sorry for the pun.

La Creperie des pecheurs.
For excellent savoury and sweet crepes
27 rue Saint André des Arts

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