Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris part 4 - The Louvre

Above: The pyramid in the day from the outside
 Above:  The mirror image of the pyramid on the inside

This being our first time in Paris, we simply had to go to the Louvre.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about museums because I don't know much about European history and am not very "cultured" in that sense. However, everybody has heard of the Mona Lisa and the Asian in me simply had to snap a photo of this world-renowned painting.

I lowered my expectations a lot, because my hubby told me that its a really small picture. In the end, it turned out much nicer and bigger than I thought it would be. See, its all about managing your expectations and everything can be brighter than it looks.

Look at how modern architecture blends in with older more classic architecture? 

Oh and guess what. Before the pyramid was constructed, the French took to the streets because they didn't want a modern structure ruining the looks of the more traditional Louvre. However, the architects went ahead with their plan and now, the French boast about this brilliant display of modern art infusing with their French heritage. This goes to show that change is not all that bad,  esp. because the Germans have been protesting about their beloved train station in Stuttgart which will undergo a multi-billion- Euro makeover over the next 10 years.
The awesome architecture and sheer size of the Louvre. This is only one wing of the entire building. Our guide told us about a smaller and less-known entrance to Louvre where one can get tickets and skip the long queues.
French architecture. See all the human figures on the roof? I think they are famous French people, ie. Mathematicians, scientists, philosophers etc
Gotta marvel at the building
Inside the Louvre. Its massive! With paintings on both sides. One needs eyes on both sides of his / her head. But I like the fact that paintings are illuminated by natural daylight. Hence the Louvre wasn't as dark and eerie as other museums are.
Oh man, I look so small compared to the pictures! And yup, there are that many pictures! 
So many pictures that portrayed the life of Jesus. A picture does say a thousand words. I think if I weren't so tired, I could have made the entire walking tour around the Louvre a spiritual one.  Time to reflect and meditate on what Jesus has done for me. And how He led a life, perfect, sinless on earth as 100% God and 100% man. 
The Mona Lisa! There a barricade around the photo because of some accidents that have happened before. Apparently someone split coffee on the Mona Lisa before.  And yup, I took the photo of the Mona Lisa in the middle by myself. My own original self-taken Mona Lisa! 

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