Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paris part 3 - Free Walking Tour

There are soo many things to see in Paris that one is spoilt for choice! We only had 4 days there, so we had to make full use of every single day. 
On the first day, we went for a free walking tour in English that took us around the famous spots of Paris. One just had to tip the tour guide at the end of the day. Free Europe tours. Our starting point: Saint Michel
In front of the famous Notre Dame. We didn't have time to go inside, but managed to snap a few photos outside. It was pretty sunny but still cold! Amazing that this building survived the WWII!
Some quaint hotel that caught my eye and a bookstore called "Shakespeare", which appeared in some movie (I think). You can spend hours in there just reading undisturbed
A bridge where we paused to take a break. See the faces on top of the arches? They were meant to capture different expressions of the human face. One of them was obviously suffering from a hangover!
This junction is apparently famous because 2 main rivers in Paris converge there
Left: Some French King was assassinated, seen from the fact that the horse is standing on one leg. 
 Right: Locks where lovers proclaim their undying love for each other. Unfortunately, these locks get removed periodically
At the end of our tour. At some square with this Obelisk which France got as a present from Egypt. They have the same one in Rome, which we have also seen before.


Aunty Grace said...

Hi, Pris.
Been to the Louvre 4 times but can't manage to finish all the exhibits. I find the Egyptian section fascinating. By the way, I am proud of the fact that the pyramid at the Louvre was designed by IM Pei who is a Chinese-American architect.

Pris said...

Hi Aunty Grace!
Oh wow, you're an Arts fan! Yeah, I know you've been to Paris quite often eh? Pity you didn't come with us this time! Oh yeah, I'm sure my guide mentioned something about the Chinese American architect.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes..the 'free tour' with gratitutes being appreciated...they deserved it with well prepared naration of history so on...but the second day was a ripped off with similarly 'free tour' with additional money to pay for train ride and abit of over pricing 'fee'..

Just beware..check it out to ensure the fee covered entrance fee to museum etc..

Pris said...

Hey anonymous
yeah, that was the rip off to Versailles, which i have yet to blog about. Will definitely mention that point. You're Dad right?


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