Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paris part 2 - French Food

Remember I went to Paris a very long time ago?

Geez, it must have been 5 months ago! Never got down to blogging about it because it was a back-to-back trip from London to Paris and immediately after that to Singapore.

However, seeing the gazillion Paris photos stored in my computer, I figured I should do them justice by immortalizing them on my blog!

And what better way to start than by ogling at at French delicacies!

Our first French meal was beyond awesome. Great food, lovely service and a charming atmosphere. Full of French people and very few tourists. We found this place by chance really. Or should I say God guided us there. The day was coming to a close and we had to satisfy our increasing hunger.

Most French restaurants only have their menu in French. This meant that tourists like ourselves were at the mercy of going into a restaurant without really knowing what dishes they offered. Thank God Vincent, our French friend who lives in Paris, was with us. He was our translator for the first two days we were in Paris.

One of the French customers who was smoking outside the restaurant, saw that we were trying to make up our minds about whether or not to eat there. He then took the initiative to convince us in his broken English that we wouldn't regret eating there as he was a regular customer and that was the best French restaurant in that area.

He was absolutely right!
Scallops cooked to perfection!!!
That's excellent beef steak with mashed potatoes. Gotta love the presentation!
Food haven.... French desserts! I had hot chocolate brownie with melted chocolate sauce on the inside topped with vanilla ice-cream, while the hubby had some ice-cream sorbet served on a crispy biscuit 
The first of many group shots in restaurants. We met up with Vincent, another friend of hubby's whom he got to know in Canada. Vincent was one of hubby's groomsmen too.  
Les Fontaines Restaurant
9, Rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris, France
01 43 26 42 80

  More photos to come.....  


Toyin O. said...

The food looks yummy.

Pris said...

Thanks Toyin!
Have you been to Paris before?


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