Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God knows me

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Just wanted to share a short blessing today.

Today (and actually even yesterday) is simply gloomy. You know how you're supposed to pull yourself out of bed to go to work, but the sky is overcast, its cold and you just want nothing but to turn around and tuck yourself back into bed? Yup, today was one of those days.

I only had an 1.5-hr financial English lesson at a bank and I wanted nothing but to just "nua" - Singlish for "relax" at home. I wasn't feel very positive and somehow I just felt as blue as the weather. Don't ask me why. Its just one of those days I guess.
Anyway, on my way to work, I prayed this prayer.

"Dear God. You know how crappy I feel today. I pray that you would show me ONE thing just for me, so that I know that you love me and remember me."

I went to the bank, walked to the conference room and before I even got there, one of the ladies started walking towards me. She apologetically told me that she would have to cancel the class because all 6 participants were unable to attend it - this type of thing rarely happens. I was like, "Oh, no problem".... But I couldn't refrain from smiling on the inside!!! I still get paid for the 1.5 hrs because this was a last-minute cancellation.

I happily turned around, strutted back to the lift and made my way out of the bank with a mini spring in my step.

God knew exactly what I needed today. Thank you Father.

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