Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joys of learning (again)

Above: My autumn fashion. Long-sleeved buttoned blue top with a white blouse, paired with black tights and heels. Love how my elaborate necklace goes so well with the entire outfit. And of course not forgetting my favourite white barrette

Pardon my absence lately. My weeks have just become busier.

My pilates course has resumed on Tuesday evenings after a 2 months-summer break. And its 15 mins longer than my previous course too, lasting a total of 75 mins. I can literally feel my stomach, butt and back muscles screaming in protest at the many repititions of various exercises. Its been 2 days but everything's still hurting!

Immediately after that, I rush home for our cell group which has been brought back from 6pm to 7pm. I only arrive home around 7.30pm, after which I usually have a quick dinner followed by worship and a time of Bible study and prayer. Last Tuesday we ended at about 10pm.

On Wednesdays, hubby and I have signed up for a 1-year Bible course in church. We will be going through the books in the Bible chronologically, focussing on time-lines, geography, references and various themes. Obviously we can't really go THAT in-depth because its only 2 hrs once a week for one year.

However the past 2 sessions were mind-blowing! I've been a Christian all my life but never have I ever gone through the Bible systematically. Did you know that Noah was still alive when Abraham was born? He died when Abraham was around 58 years old. Abraham as we all know, became the father of thousands of children; God Himself promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the number of stars in the sky.

Why do I find all this interesting? Because I have such a thirst to learn! I've been wanting to learn the Bible for years now. I want to know how things fit together. See the big picture. See how the God who brought the Israelites through the desert is the same God who loves me and has a plan and purpose for me.

There's so much to digest, but I want to leave you one verse that specifically touched my heart.

"You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled, not one has failed” 1.  Josh 23:14

God is faithful. He has never failed. Never in history, never now, never ever. My heart trusts in Him and I am helped. May my anchor continue to hold fast to His never-changing nature and character.

With two evenings a week occupied by the above plans and me having to work at night on the 3 remaining evenings, couple time during the week is like zilch. 

That's why we're so looking forward to our intercultural marriage seminar tomorrow until Sunday! We're heading to Kassel, a 3-hr drive from Stuttgart. Being married is like one huge life adventure! Even after 4.5 years of marriage, we still feel that there are still things we want to work on, to allow God to change our hearts and especially to see blind spots in ourselves.

Heck, I think even after 20 or 30 years of marriage, we will still want to continue to work on our marriage! Its not just quantity, its quality too. I'm always inspired by old couples who are still so loving and share a deep bond that has been forged through the test of fire and time.

We hope and pray that God will work His mighty miracles in our heart, to set our hearts free to live for Him.


Beau Lotus said...

Did you not do Bible Knowledge in secondary school?

Pris said...

Hey dear

We had chapel once a week (worship and a sermon). We still have that at church. But it was never chronological. No systematic learning, no big picture, no history, no maps, no time lines etc.

If my course now is like a buffet table, sermons in church is like only one main course.

Beau Lotus said...

Well, I did Bible Knowledge for my O Levels, that's why I asked.

I also topped the whole school in the school exams for the subject. And I wasn't (still am not) a Christian like most of my schoolmates who took the subject.

That's because you do not need faith to study the bible for Cambridge, but the ability to look at it in an academic perspective :-)

Pris said...

Hey Serene
Yeah, I remember you telling me something about studying something related to the Bible in school.

I don't think they offered "bible knowledge" as part of the O-levels curriculum during my time. Or at least my school didn't offer it.

And yes, you do need a certain measure of faith when reading the Bible. I believe that what the Bible says is true and that makes the entire book come alive.

Anonymous said...

The best learning is derived from practical application of what has been divinely written..

Just like one simple instruction 'Obey your parents..' and yet alot of us are struggling on the wisdom of such verse in balancing complying to it and doing things in our own way..

I guess it is not so much as trying to absorb as much biblical knowledge but how should it be applied to meet God's standard that count..

So, do not be dismay that your knowledge is still far from perfect..By doing right, one instruction at a time, would actually bring contentment and joy in fulfulling his God's words..cheers!

Pris said...

Hey Dad
Agreed that its the application of the Bible that counts.

But that wasn't the point of my post. Its more about wanting to have systematic learning structure of the Bible. The same way one goes to a University to pursue a degree, instead of just living life by applying the basic principles of living.

Besides, nobody's going to ever reach God's standards on this side of eternity. That's the whole point of grace. I don't need grace if I can reach God's standards by applying His word. The whole story of the Bible is all about God's effort to reach Man because Man would never in His own capacity reach God / His standards.

Room to Think said...

Great look, and my goodness, you're so slim and gorgeous! :)

Pris said...

Hey dear
thanks for your compliment! I only post photos that are flattering haha.


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