Monday, October 11, 2010

Beauty of home-cooked goodness

When I was growing up, it was very common to have 3 main course served with rice for lunch or dinner.

We had the luxury of having a full-time maid / helper from another country who lived with us and basically did everything that needed to be done around the house. She would cook, clean, look after the kids, wash the car, repair things around the get the picture. There was even one who painted our house!

Living in Germany where labour costs are astronomical, I have come to appreciate the luxury that many people on my side of the world take for granted for. This Singaporean lady I knew, wanted to bring her Indonesian maid who had been with her for more than 10 years to Germany when she relocated here. However, she told us that she would have had to pay more than 1,000€ a month for that. Hence, she's had to make do without her.

I'm responsible for almost 100% of the cooking in my family and we usually manage with one-dish meals which I try to make as nutritious and well-balanced as I can. However, sometimes I develop such a craving for the typical Asian 3-course meals. Hence, I came up with my pretty simple vegetables-egg-fish 3-course meal the other day.
That's pan-fried fresh fish with fish stock, spring onions and ginger
Stir-fried fresh scallops with broccoli, cauliflower, fresh mushrooms and prawns. Tasted just like those in Chinese restaurants. Didn't realize that hubby loves cauliflowers but "hates" broccoli so he would have single-handedly finished up most of the cauliflower if I hadn't stopped him.
Steamed eggs with minced meat. Always a winner with the hub too 
Walah, my full 3-course Asian meal right in the comforts of my own home! 
My own individual portion. There was so much food, we could eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. Recipes coming up soon.

What food do you cook that always reminds you of home? 


Steph said...

Wah Stephan is so lucky to get 3 different dishes for dinner ! We r strictly a one dish per meal family !
Tau yau bak, fish slices in milky soup bee hoon and curries r dishes that make me think of home.

Chrish said...

wow pris! looks good!!!

Pris said...

Hey Steph! :)
You have 2 kids mah! So need to cook quickly. Your food is delicious too!!! Ohh, the scallops that JC bbqed was so mouth-watering!!!! Oh yeah, fish soup noodles is awesome too! I haven't had that in the longest time!

Pris said...

Thanks Chrish!:) Your food looks mouth-watering too!


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