Friday, September 17, 2010

Raclette evening

 Hubby and I had our first official dinner guests at our new place last Saturday.

We invited A. & K and their little son to our place for some East-meets-West raclette. You know how sometimes you think your place is still not "done up enough" to have guests, but you just simply need to start the ball rolling of inviting friends over because you miss meeting up with them and its been ages since you've last seen each other?

That was what happened last Saturday. :) It was a spontaneous thing and oh boy, were we so glad that we invited them over! A. is the only person I still keep in touch with from my German school at IFA. I'm so thankful that she's still in Stuttgart because at the beginning they weren't sure if they were going to relocate to another country.

We had lots of wine, great food, their little boy is so adorable and he had so much fun playing with our DVDs (ie. messing up the order of Stephan's carefully-arranged DVDs). hahah. He's only 1 yr old so we decided to meet up earlier (about 6pm) because I wasn't sure if they had to leave early. Turned out, they stayed until 11pm and their little boy was sooo bright and cheery even at such a late hour! 

We finally used our Raclette set for a second time! It comes with a stone and grill surface. Raclette is usually a traditional family Christmas affair, but we figured it's too good an invention to only use once a year.
Raclette is the easiest thing to prepare. We cut some peppers, got a selection of meats (ham, salami, bacon), pineapple, French Raclette cheese, mushrooms, pork, giant prawns etc. I asked A. to make some Korean beef and oh boy, it was dripping with such a delish garlic sauce!!! We ate up everything you see on these photos!

You can tell we were all a bit tipsy and filled with endorpins in our blood! Such a memorable evening with lots of laughter, fun and just enjoying the company of each other. Ok, I was "interrogated" on the use of canes in prisons in Singapore - which I honestly find gruesome, but nevertheless necessary for some types of convicted criminials ie. rapists.


Anonymous said...

The boy is so kawaii!! With such cool long hair too! I like! GL

Steph said...

Was waiting for Autumn's cooler weather to have raclette but seeing yr post makes me wanna have some now ! Your friend's daughter is so sweet looking.

Pris said...

GL - Yar lor! Totally right? Super Jap sweetie.... :)

Pris said...

Steph - We are having COLD autumn weather now!!!! Its always less than 20 degress and drops to below 10 degrees at night. Oh, its a boy though! heehee.

Bern said...

OMG, their kid's gorgeous. He really looks like a girl though. :)

Pris said...

Bern - He's really gorgeous right? I think so too! Looks like a mini samurai. Its the long hair that probably makes him look like a girl.


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