Saturday, September 18, 2010

My steals

Oh, I love bikinis!!!

And no, its not because I enjoy covering myself in two miniscule pieces of cloth that cost a bomb (relative to the amount of fabric). It's simply because I go swimming once a week so a bikini is a definite "must-have".

Besides, my other bikini has become too thin due to wear and tear. The brandless, white bikini which I bought cheaply in Singapore, turned out to be pretty uncomfortable when I'm in the water. I had to keep tugging my top to make sure that it fit snugly - which (ah hem) isn't very conducive for a lap-swimmer like myself.

Hence, imagine my great surprise and sheer delight when I found out that Breuninger was having a sale in swimwear on hubby's and my off-day! Breuninger is like this upclass mega-sophisticated shopping mall. Its probably for Stuttgart what Herods is for London. We usually only go there to get our free Nespresso coffee since we belong to exclusive Nespresso club! Wahaha. Or perhaps just to see the huge George Clooney poster with his cup of Nespresso Espresso.
So here's my steals!
Left: 30€ patterned blue bikini from Arena. Right: Elegant pink and white bikini from Tommy Hilfiger
Ohh, my first buy from Tommy Hilfiger. Hubby has a Hilfiger watch but I have personally never bought anything from this store. I get such a high when I see that I have made such a great deal! Can you imagine a bikini from Hilfiger costing the same as that from Arena?? And ohhh, the quality of these two bikinis is heavenly! They definitely have a shelf life of more than 2 years!


Cory said...

Oh no Pris,
Should we go shopping for the last two hours until 8pm today when I arrive? Haa

Beau Lotus said...

Hey I used to shop quite a bit at Breuninger, even had a card there!

Their sales were quite good as I remember them.

I like the Hilfiger bikini, you should check out the outlet in Metzingen if you like the brand. I am more a Polo Ralph Lauren person.

Pris said...

Dear Cory! :)
Of course we can go shopping! Do you want to look for bikinis? Hee. I'm always game for shopping. We can shop for 2 hours, whet up an appetite and go for some great food!

Pris said...

Hey Serene
Yeah! We applied for a Breuninger card too! Apparently if you spend more than 7,000€ (?!!?!!) in 2 years, you get a VIP Breuninger card. Well, I don't buy enough branded stuff to know if I'm more of a Hilfiger or Polo Ralph person. And yes, hubby and I have been talking about going to Metzingen to shop for AGES!!! But just haven't got down to doing so!


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