Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dating my husband

Today was awesome.

My hubby and I spent the whole day together! Wednesday. In the middle of the week.

Before you start wondering if people do work in Germany, I can assure you that we do! hah. Thing is, hubby works quite often on weekends, since he teaches part-time at a private school. I used to get upset about it because that meant that I could only have leftover time with the hubby. Hence, we came up with a compromise that if he worked on a weekend, he would have to take a day off during the week to spend with me.

As it turned out, Wednesday was my free day (since I work part-time), so Wednesday it was! :) It was such a chilled-out day. We had intended to go to a swimming pool with various natural springs and saunas but ended up shopping instead. Alright, more like I shopped and hubby waited for me.

Got myself 2 bikinis at 50% off, one from Tommy Hilfinger (30€ only!) and the other from Arena (also for 30€). Also got some other new winter basic wear at 20% off from Orsay because I'm a member there. I usually get a voucher mailed to my house whenever they have a new collection. What a smart marketing strategy!

Hubby was the most patient sweetie and never once complained that I was taking too much time in the changing rooms. Once, while parading my clothes, I simply had to observe hubby and another guy sitting side-by-side doing the exact same thing while waiting - playing games on their iPhones!!!
Rise and shine! Our day started at around 10am. I'm not a typical early riser, but had to force myself out of bed because of an early appointment. Hence, that was a good-enough motivation for us to actually have breakfast together!
Great spread for breakfast, at a café at Königsbau in Stuttgart
After buying my bikinis, we had lunch at Nord See. This has got to be my favourite Fish fast food restaurant in Germany. Its wayyy better than Long John Silver back in Singapore. This also happens to be where I had my first-ever meal in Germany.
Starbucks = Holiday mood. Somehow we usually drink Starbucks only when we're on holiday. So today, we decided that we simply had to just enjoy life by sitting down at our favourite Café and ordering our favourite food!
Our favourite Raspberry Cheesecake and Caramel Macchiato
So happy to re-live our Starbucks days together!

I'm soooo thankful for days like this.
Thank you God for blessing me with such a soulmate in my hubby.
Thank you for days of rest.
Thank you for pleasure.
For enjoyment.
For money to shop. To eat and to drink.
Thank you for someone with whom I can share my life with.
I pray that our marriage will continue to grow from strength to strength!
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Steph said...

Wah what a lovely day u guys had with all that FOOD. So envious u hav a starbucks there, wish they would open one here !!!


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