Monday, September 20, 2010

Love visitors

We had a Singaporean visitor, Cory over the weekend. Over the last 4 years, Cory has lived in Munich, Singapore and now Beijing. Talk about being a world citizen!Yup, she is one really adventurous lady! I'm sooo amazed at her "Gung-ho-ness" - Singlish for someone who has no fear and lives life on the edge.

I got to know Cory about 4 years ago through an online portal for overseas Singaporeans. Before this portal was set up, many of us went about our lives in complete isolation. I still recall my first year in Germany when I didn't know a single other Singaporean soul! Totally recommend a portal like this for other countries to keep in touch with their overseas expatriates!

Anyway, we met on Saturday and she stayed over till Sunday. We brought her to our favourite Spanish restaurant where we had a bit too much wine! 2 bottles in 2 hours shared among 3 people. Hmmm. My body was revolting from the aftermath. Other than that, we had an awesome time catching up with each other, speaking Singlish and complaining discussing about the differences in the cultures of the countries where we both live in.
The next day, we had some Italian food and hung out in the lovely sun for drinks before Cory had to leave for Munich again. (That's the Castle you see in the background). Till we meet again!



Great photos! It sure looks like you had a great time. The food looks delicious. :-)

It's nice to see life is treating you good.


Cory said...

Hey Pris,
Thanks so much for hosting me again! And the beautiful photos! U are the real adventure girl who left everything in Singapore and lived with him and speak perfect Deutsch now... I have so much to do. Will really love to have a cooking session together next time and get me into that Porsche museum with all the coolest dudes on four wheels... ZOoommm!!!

Pris said...

Hey Ron

So lovely to have you drop by. :) Thanks! I try to blog more about positive things, because it gets depressing if I write about my trials and tribulations in life too. Though these can be sharpening times as well.


Pris said...

Dear Cory! :)
As I said before, it was our pleasure to have you with us and thanks for the Chinese gift and mooncakes!! I'll save it for a rainy day!

Yeah, I think that's more like "marriage" than "gungho-ness". A bit "bo bian" but also trusting that God's plans are bigger and more perfect than mine.

Yup! :)Cooking sessions surely!!! Maybe after the cooking sessions, you'd think that I'm just your average Singaporean cook who happens to take "delicious" photos! Wahahahha.....

Cory said...

His plans are definitely perfect for the best time best partner for you!

How do you know I believe in delicious pictures too? Let's do bayrishen phad thai... my secret special recipe! :-p

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post


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