Friday, September 24, 2010

A walk in the park

Life may not always be a walk in the park but when it actually is (literally), oh boy, aren't these the moments that we savour and cherish? It's the highs in life that makes the downs so much easier to deal with.

We went to the park 2 weeks back and have I already said how much I love the parks here? Its green, with fresh cool air and one is able to walk around in the mid of the day without breaking out into an uncontrollable sweat - which my dear Singaporeans would know.

Since we usually go to the afternoon service at our church at 4pm, we'd usually try to make use of the afternoon before that to catch some fresh air and sunshine before entering the sanctuary into the presence of our beloved God. There's a park just 5 mins from our church so that is always our favourite hangout.

I took this opportunity to test out different functions on my camera too. Thanks to Bel who gave me a mini crash course last Christmas, I now know how to change colour on my photos!
Love the red rose
Snow white rose
Love how the blue flowers look like butterflies here
The loveliest flower of them all.. wahahah. But its true! God saw His creation and said "good", whereas He looked at Man and proclaimed "very good"!
Isn't the park just beautiful? It reminds me of Munich's English garden but just a much smaller version
And guess what we saw in the park? A gig from a pretty famous, albeit "old" German band / comedians "Die kleine Tierschau". Hubby said he has actually gone for one of their concerts.


Manis said...

i love your hair!!
am thinking to grow back my hair but..before it starts to grow, i cut even shorter! hahhaa..

Pris said...

Hey Manis!
Realized I haven't replied your comment!

Firstly, THANKS for your lovely compliment! I love my hair too! But honestly, whenever I go to the hair-dresser here, they always cut off so much of my hair! That's why I haven't cut my hair since June!!! I like the length, but I think the ends are getting dry.


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