Friday, September 10, 2010

Fried Mee Fen

I love my fried Mee Fen (thin noodles).

In Singapore, this is very much a staple, like Spätzle (egg noodles) to the Schwäbian. One eats this for breakfast or lunch. And me, I could eat this everyday! Even hubby who was semi-adverse to this at the beginning likes it now!

Since I don't get this in restaurants here, I've been cooking this ever so often. It's really simple and oh-so-tasty. With lots of try-and-error, I have figured out how I like this dish best.

I tend to team this dish with self-marinated chicken wings or simply fish fingers if I don't have time to marinate my chicken.

Lime with my honey-turmeric-ginger chicken wings. Recipe here.
The entire combination. Total bliss..... We had this while watching a movie yesterday

Fried Mee Fen (thin noodles)

- 250grams of thin noodles (softened in water for a few mins)
- 3 cloves of Garlic (chopped)
- 1 Onion (thinly-sliced)
- 3 carrots (thinly-sliced)
- Handful of Bean sprouts
- Light Soya Sauce
- Oyster Sauce
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Lime (very important)
- Coriander (for garnish)

1. Fry the onions till brown. Add the garlic and continue frying, ensuring that garlic doesn't burn
2. Add carrots and some water
3. Cover the wok and let the carrots soften in the water for a few minutes
4. Add noodles and fry
5. Add light sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil for flavouring
6. Add bean sprouts and continue frying so that the noodles are properly mixed
7. Turn off heat. Garnish with coriander and squeeze a lime over it for the authentic taste
8. Beat the eggs, season with some salt and pepper, fry it and cut into thin strips.
9. Throw them onto the noodles as garnish.

Cook's note: Ensure that your noodles are not too dry by adding water. It should be moist but not watery, so that it goes down easily on the throat.

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

whoohhhhh like this fried beehoon!! it goes well with the chicken wing definitely! thanks for the recipe Pris:))

Pris said...

Hey Manis! :)
Thanks for your compliment!!! I love your food too! I don't really cook Malay food except Nasi Lemak cos my hubby can't really take spicy food. But I do continue to eat my Mee Reebus and Mee Siam from Prima Taste.


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