Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy Day

I called the ambulance for the first time in my life today. And oh boy, I didn't even know the number! I know its 911 in the U.S. but I was completely clueless of the number in Germany! Had to call the hub to ask him for the number. It's 112 by the way. Important number!

Today was a crazy day. I had a superb 4 hours of teaching, followed by a beyond horrible talk with a particular somebody - not my hubby lah.

While I was walking home and pondering about the intricacies and complexities of life, I saw an old lady who looked like she had difficulties walking up a steep slope which I was walking up too. I asked her if I could give her a hand, to which she said she didn't need any help. I figured, "oh well" and continued on my walk.

I had not walk for a further 2 seconds when I heard a sickening thud at the back.

I turned around and saw that the old lady had fallen to the ground and was bleeding profusely from her head. The blood was trickling so fast that the grass patch next to where she fell was turning red! Her glasses were broken and there was glass splitters around her.

I went into panic mode and asked her if I should call the ambulance.

Note to self: Don't ask an injured person if she needs help. Just call for one!!

Obviously she kept insisting that she was ok and was more worried about the blood trickling onto her trench coat and getting to her sister's house than about the fact that she had a huge bruise on her forehead!!!

That's when a little boy around 12 years old walked by and he tried to help me to talk to the old lady and persuade her to stay put and not move around. He used my cellphone and talked to the man to give him directions to the street where we were.

Then came the 15 mins which seemed more like an eternity. The old lady kept insisting that she wanted to surprise her sister and would really want to get up so she could continue walking. And we kept trying in vain to persuade her that she's injured and she really shouldn't be moving around - when she could very possibly have a concussion on her head.

Finally, the little boy said to the old lady that he could help her to get up if she promised to wait for the ambulance - to which she obviously didn't. She kept walking to her sister's house - while we tried desperately to surround her such that we could cushion her fall (if) she fell down again. Thank God she didn't.

And just when she reached the main door of her sister's house, the ambulance arrived. Hallelujah!

I showed the driver where the old lady was and they were the kindest and most friendly rescue workers I've met. Ok, so I haven't met any, but oh boy was I so relieved that professional help had finally arrived.

They took one look at the old lady and immediately commended the boy for doing the right thing in calling the ambulance - even though I was technically the one who contacted them, but nevermind.

The old lady's sister, half in shock and half full of gratitude that we helped her sister, took down our details hurriedly and left for the hospital together with her sister in the ambulance.

So yeah. That marked the end of my very eventful day!

Lesson learnt: There are more important things in life than "ageing prematurely" when having a conflict with someone.


Anonymous said...

Pris, that's an amazing story. I hope the old lady is OK.

I thought one of the lessons you learned about not asking an injured person if they need ambulance...just call them, was something we all should keep in mind in an emergency situation.

Have a great week ~Ron

Pris said...

Hey Ron! :)
Thanks for popping by my blog! **made my day**!!

I hope the old lady is ok too! Yeah and definitely a valuable lesson learnt.

Have a great week you too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, girl...that's one crazy story. Stubborn old people, huh? Even when they are about to fall down, some of them still cannot accept a helping hand...Good job with helping her after all, well done!

Love, Geli


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